Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What I will do for a sewing room. . .

I'm in desperate need of a sewing room. Currently I have taken over one end of the dining room as my sewing area, and that's not ideal. As time goes on I'm slowly taking over more and more of the dining room. My mom doesn't appreciate it. She wants her dining room back. So finally after pondering a few different not so ideal solutions, we came up with one I'm really excited about!
We had this empty room next to the kitchen.

It's supposed to be the laundry room, but when we moved into the house the washer and dryer got put in the basement, and that's where they've stayed. 
Now this room is way too small for a sewing room, but it's just big enough to fit my bed and dresser in. So I turned it into my bedroom. Now I can turn my old bedroom into my sewing room!
My new room is small, but functional and pretty! First we painted it.

I was planning on painting it green (my favorite color), but I grabbed the wrong paint can from the basement and didn't realize until the room was mostly painted, so now I have a sky-blue room.
Next, in the little alcove (you can see part of it on the far right in the pictures), I had my dad help me hang closet shelves. So now the room has a little bitty closet, just big enough for most of my shirts and dresses.

I decorated the room by hanging up this awesome goat wall hanging my grandma made me a couple years ago.

Isn't it great? She specifically made the goat black and white to resemble sombrita!
Along with the wall hanging I also had this rag rug to put on the floor.

I made it over a year ago, using a method called twining,  to match the colors in the wall hanging. 

Finally I got around to moving stuff in!

The room is definitely small, but it's very cozy. (and I can see my goats from the window!)

Now that that's done, I'm ready to organize my sewing room. I'm really looking forward to that being done!

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