Saturday, June 4, 2016

Making it Mine, and Other Encouraging Things

I'm off to El Salvador in less than twelve hours! Everything I wanted to sew first is sewn, packed in my bag, and ready to go.

The missions committee of the church that is sponsoring this trip provided each team member with a fantastic, HUGE (as in I could fit my sister in it), rolling duffle bag, to use on the trip and then keep. This is great! Except for one little thing, all 35 duffle bags look exactly alike. Thus, we were given instructions to personalize our bags. Colorful duct tape was the suggested form of personalization. Great idea, but I can sew, thus no need to buy fancy duct tape.

A while back I picked up this wide pink plaid ribbon at Wal-Mart, just because it was plaid (I love plaid) and only $1. It has sat in my stash waiting to be used for. . . something. It never seemed quite right for anything. Well last night I pulled it out to personalize my duffle bag!

Sewing ribbon on a duffle bag, pretty easy concept, right? Yeah, that was an ordeal. 

"Alright, bag in position to sew! Now where do I sit?"

My friend Erentry was over to hang out, sew, and help pack. She was quite helpful with bag wrangling (and picture taking). 

"Now if I can just fit this section under the presser foot. . ."

"Almost done! Finally!"

Yeah, duct tape would have been way easier. On the up side, at least my bag won't be mistaken for anyone else's. Once the bag was decorated I packed it, then I dropped it off at the church this morning. I'm ready to go!

God has provided for me several times this week when I've been stressed about getting thing ready for the trip. Thursday I had to hand sew a zipper in an altered dress for a client. I brought the dress along to work so I could finish it at some point during the day, but I was't sure when I'd find time. God provided. I showed up to work at the normal time then discovered I had 30 minutes of free time before I actually had to do anything! I was able to get the zipper sewn in.

Then today, I went to help a friend with some goat stuff. As I was leaving she handed me money to use on my trip. I'd been worried this morning that I hadn't kept enough cash out for the trip when I deposited my pay check yesterday. God provided the amount I needed through my friend.

I am going to El Salvador! Each member of the team already has stories of how God has provided for them to go on this trip, I can't wait to see what else is in store!

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