Sunday, December 15, 2019

Wearing My Pink and Lace Ball Gown To a Christmas Ball

I finally got to wear my pink lacy 1865 ball gown! And I actually danced in it!

My family was invited to a Christmas Ball, and my mom asked if I'd like to come along. 
"Do you think I could wear my pink ball gown to this thing?" Was my response.
"Oh, yes! You absolutely should!" My mom responded.
And thus, it was decided. I would be attending the Christmas Ball, just slightly, possibly, over dressed for the occasion.

When I made the pink ball gown I made it because I wanted to make it, and my sister being cast as Mrs. Fezziwig in A Christmas Carol provided a decent excuse to make this dream dress of mine. My sister wore the dress to perfection and looked lovely in it, but I longed to wear the dress myself eventually. Last night, I donned the dress in its entirety for the first time ever (I'd tried on the pieces separately for fittings when I made the dress, but never had time to try the skirt and bodice on together when I made the dress a year ago), and I felt like a princess.

We did English Country dancing, which is great fun! My hoop skirt bounced and swayed beautifully!

I was a little afraid my large hoop skirt, which I specifically made a year ago to go under this dress, would be rather too large for dancing in and take up too much space. However once the dancing began, it actually proved surprisingly easy to manage. (For me at least, I'm not sure what my dance partners thought, but none complained!)

My family had a grand time dressing up and attending the ball together! My siblings and I danced every dance, and my parents sat very few out. This was the first time my mom got to participate in English County dancing, and she greatly enjoyed it!

My dad pulled out his suit for the occasion, and my mom wore her "Mother of the Groom" dress, which I made for her for my brother's wedding last month.

My sister wore a beautiful white dress with red embroidery - perfect for Christmas time! We found this dress lurking in my "refashion" bin and were stunned by how amazingly it fit her!

I added straps to the dress to fit the event dress code. My sister picked out her jewelry, and she was all good to go!

My youngest brother was the one member of the family who actually needed something new to wear to the ball. I took the occasion to make him a new waistcoat in his favorite color - green!

He was quite the handsome young gentleman!

The ballroom was decorated beautifully with hundreds of glittery paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.

The dance caller was very helpful, making sure we all knew exactly what we were doing for each dance.

The evening flew by and we all enjoyed it immensely!

The dancing was fun, 

The company was good, 

and the refreshments were delicious!

It was everything a Christmas Ball should be!


  1. You all looked beautiful/handsome! What fun!

  2. You look so beautiful in your gown! What a lovely way to enjoy your hard work <3