Saturday, January 30, 2021

I Made a Wedding Veil. A year ago.

 As you may have gathered from my last post I'M EMGAGED!!!!! And yes, this does indeed mean I now get to make my WEDDING DRESS!!!!! In what world would I not make my own wedding dress??? And, because I'm crazy, I'm probably going to be sewing more than just my wedding dress before that all-important date. 

That said, no. I won't be sharing about my gown, or probably any wedding sewing, until after the wedding. I *think* I'm going to try to write about the different stages of making the dress as they're happening, and then just publish them sometime this summer, once I'm married to this guy I'm clearly quite attached to. Best intentions, we'll see how it goes. 

Meanwhile, I do have a few non-wedding related sewing projects happening currently, and I also have a bit of a back log of projects that need to be blogged. Since I'm currently in the early, glorious, days of being engaged and excited about almost all things wedding, I thought this would be a good time to finally share about something I made for my sister-in-law for her wedding, about a year and a half ago.

Her veil. When we went wedding dress shopping my sister-in-law got a pretty good idea of what sort of veil she want. Something simple in cut, just plain tulle, no lace, but very fluffy and attached to a pretty comb.

Nothing at the bridal shops were quite as fluffy as she had in mind. Besides, have you seen the prices of veils?? I quickly volunteered to make her veil as part of her wedding gift from me. This way she could have the exact veil she wanted, and not spend a fortune on it. Wedding veils are one of those things that you can certainly make way cheaper than you can buy.

This decided, the following week we went to Hobby Lobby and picked out a pretty comb to attach the veil to. Then, I went to Joann's and bought the nice tulle to make the veil from. I chose to use the expensive bridal tulle (about $4 per yard rather than $1 per yard) because it had a nicer hand and felt stronger than your every day cheap costume tulle. I don't regret this one bit!

Supplies acquired, I sat down one morning and made the veil in about an hour. I figured out how long my sister-in-law wanted the veil and cut out a large oval, about twice as long as that, from the 2 yards of tulle I'd bought. I folded the oval in half a little off center so that one layer of the veil would be a bit longer than the other.

I gathered the folded edge of the vail with large whip stitches.

Then I sewed it to the comb.

And the veil was done!

Simple yet fluffy. The perfect finishing touch on my sister-in-law's wedding day!

This past fall, my sister-in-law's sister got married, and the veil came out again for her "something borrowed".

My sister-in-law made the bride's flower crown for that wedding, and once that was done, she just had to try it on with her veil to see how they paired together. Beautifully, that was the verdict. 

Once again, the veil made the perfect finishing touch for a bride on her wedding day!

Since getting engaged, I've briefly considered asking my sister-in-law if I could borrow this veil too, because I still love how it turned out. However, I want a different style of veil, so I'm going to make myself a new one. Something all my own. What do I want? Well, you'll have to wait until this summer to see!


  1. Gorgeous! I made my own veil because I wanted rattail edging. It turned out beautiful and as you say, soooo much cheaper than buying!

  2. You have chosen the very finest dress designer and dress maker- yourself! I am looking forward this summer to reading whatever you want to share about the wedding attire that you design and make.