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Completed Christmas present: My little sister's

Several months ago I was working on building up my inventory of American Girl doll dresses to sell, so I made this dress,

It's based off this open front gown from the late 18th century.

And my little sister loved it. She wanted to buy it from me, but didn't have any money  (oh the problems 10 year olds run into) So I decided I'd save it to give to her, make a matching dress in her size, and give it to her for Christmas. I bought more of the same fabric I'd made the doll dress from, and looked through my lace stash to find some lace I wanted to use.
The wider ivory lace is a vintage cotton lace that I was given by a lady who was cleaning out her basement. It's gorgeous and amazing quality! The rose medallion lace was found at a thrift store and too pretty not to get. It turned out to be perfect for this project!
I made the green underskirt that went with the dress from some scrap fabric I already had, that I couldn't get more of, so I was going to have to use a …

Holly and Mistletoe

10 am, Christmas Eve morning.
I took a break from sewing (I only had 2 things left to finish sewing for Christmas at this point) to go feed the goats.
I fed them.
I made sure they were all there and looking well (I have several due to kid in 2-3 weeks).
I walked back to the milkstand/feed storage area.
Then I heard something.
It sounded like a baby goat! But that didn't make any sense, all the mamas were eating out in the pasture where I had just fed them. All the does were there, none had been acting like they had just given birth, and none were supposed to be having babies just yet!
Well I went to investigate, and behind the sheds I found. . .
Two newborn doelings!!! I picked them both up to get them out of the muddy lot and they both started crying, and a mama came running. These were Zing's daughters! I got the mama and babies settled in a kidding shed, and then realized that while one of the babies was up and running around,

 the other was still shivering. So I took that …

Sparkly, Striped, Pleated, Ruffled, and Ribboned Christmas Dress

First off I apologize for the 3 weeks of silence. Nothing exciting has happened with the goats, and I've been very busy sewing, but not sewing things I could blog about (at least not until after Christmas). There is one Christmas Project I've finished that I can tell you about, however, my little sister's sparkly, striped, pleated, ruffled, and ribboned Christmas Dress. I just finished it this weekend!
Since I made myself a Christmasy-red dress, I decided I ought to  make my sister a red Christmas dress too. On Black Friday, Joann's had all of their Christmas fabric 75% off, so I picked up 3 yards of this red and green striped cotton, with metallic threads running through it, to make her a Christmas dress. I had a really cute dress design in mind.
Then I realized that she wears the historically inspired dresses I make her more often than the contemporary ones I've made her. I asked her about this and she confirmed that she likes the historical dresses better. This …