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The Red 1890's Aesthetic Dress

I'm still in Colombia for a few days, and still missing sewing! So, since I can't sew, and I have a bit of free time, I might as well write about sewing. As I shared before I left, I finished my mom's red 1890's dress, and since I've left she's gotten to wear it for the Church Christmas play that finally happened!

I started sewing historical clothing because I wanted a sewing challenge, and I got it. With each project I've learned something and become a better seamstress. I've reached this wonderful place where historical dresses aren't typically daunting, but still usually enough of a challenge to be interesting. At least, my mom's 1890's dress hit that sweet spot.

I was excited when my mom picked the dress she wanted re-created, because it was a very different style than anything I've done before. Loose, and flowy, and smocked.

Now, I don't know how to smock. I'd love to learn sometime, but I was under a bit of a time crunch to…

Fixing Fake Pockets

Hola from Bogota, Colombia! I'm three weeks into my World Race and enjoying it! (Though I do miss home, and sewing sometimes) You can read all about what I'm up to on my World Race blog, but meanwhile, as I'm missing it, let's talk about sewing!

Is there anything more frustrating than fake pockets?
Well, maybe, but fake pockets are pretty high on my list. You buy a garment, thinking it has pockets, then nope, just kidding! Thankfully, it's pretty easy to turn fake pockets into real ones.
Approximately two months ago now, I asked my friend Erentry what she wanted for Christmas. "Tutorials on how to add pockets to things" she told me, "since you're leaving and not going to be around for 11 months to help me do that."
Well, that's true enough, and I agreed to write a few posts about adding pockets to things (this one being the first, this series will continue all year since I'm separated from my sewing machine for 11 months!), but I rea…