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The long black dress

I bought this long black eyelet dress at goodwill. 

Why? Because i liked it (I LOVE lace and eyelet), but mostly because I wanted a quick, fun, and somewhat easy project. I put my sewing projects mostly on hold in an attempt to force myself to get my sewing room finished quickly. The sewing room was coming along rather slowly though, and I needed a break! So I decided to get this dress and refashion it.
I brought the dress home and tried it on. It was a little tight. I could get it on (barely), but there was no way to put it on my dress form. In order to make the changes I wanted to make I had to have the dress on the dress form. So, the first thing I had to do was let the dress out some.
Now this dress doesn't have a zipper, just an elastic panel in the center back.

 I decided the best way to let the dress out would be to add stretchy panels to the side back as well. So I cut out the original side back panels,

 and replaced them with new panels made from an old black stretchy …

Sombrita's Long Awaited Babies!

Sombrita has kidded!!! Saturday afternoon she had twin bucks!

I didn't know when she was due so for the last month I've been watching her very closely. She got huge. Her udder got huge.

Still no babies. Finally on Saturday i could tell she was in labor. She was staying away from the other goats and crying alot!

So all day I was checking on her hourly, until finally she began to push. First two tiny hooves emerged.

Followed by the head. As soon as the head was out, I dried it off, just in case the baby started breathing before he was entirely out.

Now Sombrita could have handled everything on her own,(She has before) but I have a really hard time sitting back and doing nothing, so I was right there checking the baby's progress and helping how ever I could.

Pretty soon the baby was out! Sombrita was a very happy mama. She got right to work cleaning her son off.

Before long though she started pushing again. Baby #2 was on his way. Too keep #1 safe and out of the way my frie…