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Hair Dye and Fabric

Sometimes things happen on the World Race, such as finding red hair dye at a market in Haunuco, Peru. You buy said hair dye because you have been unable to find any henna to re-dye your blond roots red. A few days later you find yourself sitting on a chair in the kitchen while your teammate dyes your hair. 30 minutes later you have Arial red hair!

So, it's a bit brighter and less natural looking than I was intending, but I love having completely red hair again rather than several inches of blond roots at the top of my head! Man, I was really tired of that blond, so I have no complaints about my new hair color. Also, I hear it will fade a bit as time goes on. Now, hopefully in Africa next month I can actually find henna!

Now, sometimes things happen at home too, such as finding yourself in a little fabric store in the middle of nowhere and bringing home a ton of fabric! Back in December my mom, sister, and I made a day trip to a Mennonite community to go to a specific store. At sai…

How To Add Hidden Patch Pockets

I forgot to put pockets in my rain coat. Yep, I'm a little ashamed of myself. Me, the pocket lover, who adds pockets do everything, failed to put pockets in her rain coat. Honestly, with all the fitting issues I had when I made this rain coat, I didn't have time to add pockets too. Plus, I wasn't really sure how to make water-proof pockets. Still, the first time I wore my raincoat in Colombia I really regretted the lack of pockets and immediately decided I would add some to my rain coat, as soon as I obtained some fabric.

Then, on a very crowded bus ride back to out Colombian home, one of my teammates had her iPhone stolen out of her jacket pocket. Yikes! That made me re-consider my pocket plan for my rain coat.  I'd been planning on adding side-seam pockets (like the ones in my jean jacket here), but after the pick-pocketing incident, I decided I needed something a little harder to get to.
Back before I left home my friend, Erentry, asked me to help her figure out how…

A Red Rain Coat

On my first day of ministry work here in Quito, Ecuador I spent 40 minutes standing on a street corner, in the rain no less, waiting for a bus. Thankfully I was wearing my rain coat, and the hours I spent fighting with the dumb thing to make it exactly what I wanted were suddenly worth it.

When I saw "a rain coat" on the World Race packing list, I knew right away I would be making a rain coat. How hard could it be? I picked up 3 yards of waterproof nylon and started looking at rain coat designs. I was ready to get started! 
I decided that since my raincoat needed to be, well, waterproof, I should probably do a bit of research about how to make a good rain coat before I just jumped in. That was a good decision. There's apparently a lot that goes into making a rain coat water proof.

For example, you don't want any pin-holes in your fabric, because those could let water in, so rather than simply pinning my pattern pieces to my fabric and cutting out the rain coat, I use…