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Orneriness, and stubbornness (well she's a goat. . .)  My first goat and still my favorite. She was a first freshening 2 year old in this picture, she's 8 now

And She's had lots of babies

Such as Buckeye, and his sister Ismira, her first babies.

Rosemary, her second doeling

 And Valentine who grew up and had a bunch of sons! (Just as ornery as her mother, 4 years old and still hasn't given me a doeling!)

One year Sombrita decided to be especially ornery and get bred out of season. In December of that year she had triplets. If an alpine kidding in December wasn't crazy enough (They're seasonal breeders) One of her triplets was out of a different buck, heck a different breed of buck even, than the other 2. At least the doeling was out of the right buck!

Candy Cane

Candy Cane's brothers, The white one was only her half brother. Darned Sombrita. Darned meat goat buck. 
The following year she had triplets again! 2 bucks and a doe.  One of her sons has sired som…

Why I shouldn't go to Joann's

I decided to go to Joann's after church yesterday because I needed one little thing. My plan was to grab what I needed and leave, but that didn't happen. Why not? Because all the already clearanced fabric was 50% the clearance price. I can't go into a fabric store and not check the clearance rack. So instead of only coming home with the one little package of button I went in for, I came home with all this.

Did I need more fabric? No. Do I have a plan for the new fabric? Yes. 
I got the tan calico in the middle to make myself a winter church dress, and by winter dress I mean a dress with sleeves. I have lots of sundresses but almost no dresses with sleeves. 
The tan piece at the bottom is coat weight wool. I decided I wanted to make a cloak to go with my purple plaid dress, and this will work perfectly! So I got 3 yards of it cut. Then, since McCall's patterns were on sale I decided to go ahead and buy a cloak pattern, and discovered that most cloaks, that looked like w…

Dress under way!

I'm finally making progress on my purple plaid wool dress, rather than just dreaming of it!!
It took longer than I expected it to for me to get the mock-up to fit right, because of course the measurements on the envelope that are supposed to correlate with each size don't actually correlate with that size. For the first mock-up I cut out the size that went along with my measurements when I'm wearing the corset I'll be wearing under the dress. That was way too big. I then cut out another mock-up 4 sizes smaller, and it almost fit, but I still had to take it in some. Finally, with a ton of help from my mom, the mock-up fit perfectly, so. . .
This week I got the dress cut out!!!!

Then I marked where the darts were supposed to be on the bodice and where all the pleats were supposed to be on the bodice overlay and upper sleeves

For that I used wax that disappears when you iron over it, so today I pressed all the pleats into place and no more white marks on my fabric! 

What year is it?

In preparation for making my purple plaid dress I've been trying to find pattern reviews and such on the internet by people who have used the same pattern I'm using, Butterick B5832.

I haven't found much, except for a lot of people saying the pattern isn't historically accurate because it doesn't exactly match any fashion plates from one particular year. Apparently the dress can't be from the late 1830s because all the fashion plates from those years had very full lower sleeves, like this,

 where as the lower sleeves in the pattern are very slim fitting. This concerned me as I really wanted this dress to look historically accurate. I began to wonder if I should change the sleeves! So I starting looking at photos of actual dresses of the time, here are a couple I found
c.1837 The sleeves on this dress are very similar to the ones on the pattern! c.1837 Those lower sleeves look pretty slim fitting to me!
Due to the slim fitting lower sleeves in some ways the dres…