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The Jeanius 5-Pocket 7 1/2-Pair Jean Jacket

I wanted a long full skirted jean jacket. I've wanted one for a while now and my ample supply of old jeans seemed just the thing to become said jacket.

This has been my plan since before The Refashioners began. Once I heard what this year's theme was I knew I would be making this jacket. But, dang, I am a procrastinator.
"The jacket will happen." I kept thinking.
"It's too hot to make a jacket now." I told myself.
So here we are, at the end of September, the day before The Refashioners contest ends. It's finally begun to cool off, and my jacket is finally done!

I began it last week. I picked McCall's M6800 as my base pattern. I gathered up my materials. The the cutting began. I seam ripped open the inner leg seam on pair after pair of jeans. 6 pair for the body of the jacket.

Once the seam ripping was done I laid the jeans out flat and cut out the skirt sections of the jacket. Then I squeezed the bodice section of each piece out of what remained…

The Second Swingy Jeanius Dress

One Swingy Jeanius Dress was not enough in my sister's opinion. She wanted a second. Being the indulgent big sister that I am, and really wanting a chance to get the neckline right this time, I complied.

Two pairs of Jeans, one darker, one slightly lighter, and a very light old jean leg left over from cut off shorts long ago, got cut up one evening.

Then another evening these old jeans got sewn together. Buttons were added at the shoulders. The result was tried on by my sister. There was no gaping at the neckline this time!

Using the satin stitch on my sewing machine I embroidered two butterflies on one side panel. This is a favorite detail of my sister's.

The opposite side panel displays a pocket from the lighter pair of jeans, also a very important detail.

I do believe this second swingy jeanius dress will be just as loved as the first. This will have to be her last such dress however as I see no reason why any girl needs three nearly identical dresses!
Refashioning jeans fo…

The Burgundy Corset

3 weeks ago, underneath my blue paisley 1890's dress,  I wore my gold corset to the Japanese Festival. It was fine, for the first 2 hours, before the car ride. Then, after the 2 hour car ride, the corset pinched, gave me a sore back, and was too tight through the ribs. I loosened it some midway through the day and that gave a bit of relief, but by the end of the day I was done. Pretty as it might be, that corset was retired. I needed a new one before the Heritage Festival. That meant I had less than two weeks to get a corset made. Yikes, was that doable?

  At the beginning of that first week I picked up my pattern, Simplicity 1139, at a pattern sale at Joann's. I went through my stash and picked my fabrics. I found a yard of this burgundy striped cotton sateen, picked up at a thrift store once upon a time, in my stash and decided it would make a lovely corset. While not too heavy or stiff it was very strong with no give what so ever. After handling the fabric some I decided th…

A Hat to Complete the 1890's Outfit

I was thrilled to be invited to help out in the Maplewood house at the Heritage Festival again this year. A chance to see items, including some clothing, up close from the late 19th century and to learn more about local history while educating others? Sign me up! This home of the Lenore and Nifong Families was built in 1877, added onto in 1891, and lived in until 1959. Thus, my blue paisley 1890's dress (after some minor bodice alterations)  was the natural choice of attire for this volunteer assignment last weekend.

However, my 1890's wardrobe was missing one vital piece, a proper hat. The Sophie hat I made using hot glue and model magic to wear with my dress to the Japanese Festival was far from historically accurate. Something new was needed for the Heritage Festival. 

This month's Historical Sew Monthly challenge is Historicism: make a historical garment inspired by a previous era. After some research I decided an 1890's straw hat inspired by the 18th century berge…