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Milking: Two at a Time

I have started milking for the year! Up until now the babies have kept the mamas pretty well milked out, so I haven't had to worry about it. (Except to check the udders daily to make sure the babies have been nursing each side evenly. I can't have any lopsided udders!)

 Now that the babies are getting older and eating more grain though, they are nursing much less! So, in order to keep milk production up, I have started milking once a day. (In another month or so it will have to be twice a day)
When they first kidded I trained the first time mamas to stand still on the milk stand for me, so they have that all figured out. Run out the gate. Jump up on stand. Eat as much grain as possible while getting milked. What they don't have figured out is the fact they should do this one at a time.

That's right. They're all trying to come out the gate at once. The best I can do when that happens is only let 2 out. Thankfully they have figured out how to share the milk stand. …

Aprons Galore!

Over the past week I only finished one thing, well actually 8 things, aprons. Why? Well last Friday my little sister wore this adorable outfit. One of my old historical dresses and a pinafore.

The pinafore I made her a couple months ago, just for fun. I thought it would be really cute with her historical dresses, and it is! It also does what a pinafore is supposed to do. It keeps her dresses clean, but goodness does it get dirty! After spending the morning out in the goat pen that pretty white pinafore had turned green, brown, and grey. I decided she need some printed pinafores that wouldn't show dirt as easily. So she picked out a couple of fabrics from my stash and we got to work.
The first thing I had to do was figure out a pattern. When I made the white pinafore I used a princess seam bodice pattern. I changed it a lot to get the look I was going for. Well, this time I didn't want to reinvent the wheel.

So I laid the original pinafore out on white paper and traced each pie…

A Springy Sundress

I love spring! The just right temperatures, the bright green grass, the pretty flowers that are everywhere, and of course baby goats!

Back in February, when it was freezing cold and snowy, I found these fabrics on sale. Dreaming of spring and sundress weather, I bought them.

As soon as i saw these two fabrics together I had the sundress designed in my mind! I knew I wanted elements from each of these two patterns, the bodice from the one on the left and the skirt from the one on the right.

Well, now that it is finally spring and warm enough to wear a sundress, I made it!

To draw attention to the lines of this dress I piped most of the seams with the leftover piping from my Easter dress. I'm really pleased with the overall effect.

I love the bright colors and full skirt this dress has. Plus, it has hidden pockets!

This dress is perfect for wearing on a spring walk with my little sister.

The lilacs are in full bloom and gorgeous.

The goats enjoy playing king of the mountain out in…

Dress forms and creep feeds

Last week was my best friend's birthday. A couple weeks ago I asked her what she wanted and she said a sundress. One out of this pattern to be exact.

No problem I  thought, I'd used the pattern a couple times before and figured I could get the dress made in one evening. Not so. Ever had one of those projects that should have been easy but issues kept coming up, making the project take twice as long as it should have? That was this dress. I altered the neckline last time I made the dress so that the straps weren't criss-crossed in the front, thus I hadn't attempted the straps as they are pictured on the pattern. Well, the criss-crossed strap pieces just didn't want to behave! I sewed them all together, no problems, until I glanced at the pattern directions and realized I'd sewn them all wrong! So out came the seam ripper, and a little while later the straps were fixed and ready to to be sewn on to the bodice. I started to pin them on, then realized they didn&#…

What I will do for a sewing room. . .

I'm in desperate need of a sewing room. Currently I have taken over one end of the dining room as my sewing area, and that's not ideal. As time goes on I'm slowly taking over more and more of the dining room. My mom doesn't appreciate it. She wants her dining room back. So finally after pondering a few different not so ideal solutions, we came up with one I'm really excited about!
We had this empty room next to the kitchen.

It's supposed to be the laundry room, but when we moved into the house the washer and dryer got put in the basement, and that's where they've stayed.  Now this room is way too small for a sewing room, but it's just big enough to fit my bed and dresser in. So I turned it into my bedroom. Now I can turn my old bedroom into my sewing room! My new room is small, but functional and pretty! First we painted it.

I was planning on painting it green (my favorite color), but I grabbed the wrong paint can from the basement and didn't r…

Easter Dresses - same fabric, 3 different style outfits

On our trip in February, my mom, sister, and I went Joann's. My mom and sister found these fabrics, fell in love with them, and decided to get some to make my sister a dress from.

Once this decision was made, my mom decided she wanted a shirt from this fabric too. Simplicity patterns just happened to be on sale so we each sat down with a pattern book and before long my mom found several shirt patterns  that she liked (It's just as dangerous for my mom and sister to go into a fabric store as it is for me, no matter what we always leave with more than we went in for.) and we picked one to use the blue fabrics for. So it was decided, my mom and sister would have Easter outfits made from the same blue fabrics. Last weekend I realised Easter had snuck up on me and was just a week away so I pulled out the fabric and patterns to make the outfits. As I went about cutting the fabrics I realized how much I liked them and that I too wanted an Easter dress made from them. Surprisingly the…