Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fixing Stains

The week before my little sister went to camp I sewed her a bunch of shorts, she needed them. As you know, then she went to camp and had a great time! Unfortunately her some of her shorts didn't fair as well. The arts and crafts tent is lots of fun, just a little dangerous to clothing.

This pair of brand new shorts came home with a cluster of paint spots down one leg. 

I could tell there was no way to get the stains out, so Sis would just have to live with them. At least she could still wear them to play in, right? Well then I came up with an idea. Why not disguise the stains as a cool design element?

So I added some more paint and turned those stains into flowers!
They looked pretty cute when I was done, but still a little strange. I decided those flowers needed something else. After considering a few different ideas, and talking it over with my sister, I sewed on a few buttons.

There! All finished! Not too bad for a pair of stained shorts, huh?

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