Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Camo Jacket

The Christmas present I sewed that got the most enthusiastic response from the recipient? This camo jacket I made for my youngest brother.

He'd been asking me to make him a camo jacket for a couple years now, I just hadn't gotten around to it. Mostly because he already had a camo jacket, that he wore and wore, then out grew, and still wore and wore. Until he misplaced it. Then I decided I ought to sew him what he'd been asking for.
So, I picked up McCall's M6614 at a pattern sale and bought some digital camo (per my brother's request) cotton twill fabric. In my stash I already had the perfect lining fabric to make this jacket soft and warm.

It's kind of like a heavy sweatshirt type material. Sweater knit on the front and almost furry on the back (leaving quite a bit of lint on my scissors). Someone gave it to me in a trash bag full of fabric they didn't want anymore, and there was just enough for this project. I have no idea where it originally came from, which is unfortunate as I really, really, wish I could get more! Soft, warm, not too bulky. The perfect jacket lining.

The Jacket went together easily. My brother was pretty surprised and extremely happy when he opened his present. He has worn it every day since Christmas. Definitely the most appreciated Christmas present I made this year! 

My youngest brother isn't the only one who loves his jacket. My oldest younger brother decided he wanted one almost as soon as I showed him the completed jacket. So, I said I'd make him one, next Christmas. Then I got a call from him over the weekend, saying he really needed a good heavy duty jacket. So was there any way I could make him one? Being the (mostly) nice older sister that I happen to be, I agreed. Then we started talking specifics. 

First issue, the lining. I found a fabric similar to the original lining fabric, at Joann's. It's just a bit thinner, and not near as soft and warm. So, since my brother really needs a warm jacket, I'm going to flat line the thinner lining fabric (the black/dark grey) with a very thin fleece (the blue) from my stash. The fleece won't show, just add some extra warmth.

Once we got that all figured out my brother had another request. Could I add a water proof layer to this jacket?  Well, in the basement we have an entire roll of bright red water proof fabric, my dad brought home from somewhere. Since my brother could really use a warm, water proof, jacket, I agreed. The camo outer layer will be flat lined with the red water proof fabric.

Yep, the simple, 2-layer jacket I made for my youngest brother, has turned into this 4-layer, warm, water proof jacket for my other brother. I promised to have it done by Friday when I go to visit him. So, I'd probably better go get started on that now. (If only I could have gotten my hands on more of that lining fabric I used for the first jacket!)

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