Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Not Too Small Maria Blouse

I'd given up. It seemed my sister was really, truely, out of girl's patterns. Her wardrobe would have to be made using solely women's patterns from here on out. My little sister is growing up.

Now, growing up is a good thing. It's what children are supposed to do. But still, as I continue to sew her wardrobe it's been hard to say goodbye to the sweet little girl's patterns. So many fun designs, which she's now to big for! Women's patterns often seem boring by comparison. 

Then, just when I'd admitted defeat, thinking my days of sewing girl's patterns for my sister were over, a tester call for a girl's blouse pattern appeared. It was a sweet looking blouse, and I figured it probably only went up to a size 10, maybe a 12, but definitely not my sister's size. Upon checking the size chart, I was delighted to discover I was wrong! The pattern went up to size 14, which corresponded perfectly to my sister's measurements!

I applied to test the pattern, got accepted, and proceeded to sew up the most girly, ruffley, version of the blouse possible. (After checking with my sister to be sure she would actually wear such a garment, of course)

I showed my sister the pattern, and told her to go pick a fabric for it from my stash. After a bit of debating, she decided on this bird-print apparel cotton (left over from a blouse I made my mom once upon a time). She then went straight to my button stash and found some green buttons that matched the green birds perfectly. My sister has excellent taste when picking fabrics and notions!

This is the Maria Blouse pattern, by Suco by Susana. Not only does it come in a fantastic size range (3-14), it also has 4 different sleeve options (long, short, puffed, and ruffled), 2 different collar options (ruffle and peter pan), and 2 different bodice options (plain shirt, or peplum). So, had my sister thought herself too old for the ruffley version, I would have been able to make her a more grown-up looking blouse. However, I'm quite happy she can still appreciate ruffles! And Swings, she definitely still loves swings! (and I hope that doesn't change!)

The pattern is well drafted, going together easily with beautiful results. I already have plans to make my sister a few more garments from it. 

A blouse pattern, in my sister's size, with plenty of style options, and endless pattern hacking possibilities (I'm already thinking of making it into a dress!)? Yes, I will be using this pattern until my sister well and truly outgrows it! I only hope that day doesn't come too soon. (But, at the rate she's growing, that day might be tomorrow!)

*I received this pattern in exchange for testing it. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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