Monday, March 1, 2021

Preparing to Tie the Knot with the Neck Tie Top

 Am I blogging about this top today primarily as an excuse to look through, admire, and share my engagement pictures?

Maaaaybe. . . 

Did I make this top specifically to wear for engagement pictures?

That would be a no.

I decided to wear it about two hours before we went out to take pictures, when my fiancĂ© showed me what he'd brought along to wear. 

No real pre-planning for this engagement photos thing.

We're pretty laid back like that.

And we have fun together.

Now, would this top have been blog worthy even if I hadn't worn it for our engagement photos?

Oh yes! I've intended to blog about this top ever since I made it in January, but what with kidding season, extreme cold, and getting engaged, I'm a little behind on photographing and blogging my makes.

So, about this shirt. 

This winter it came to my attention that I really, really, needed more sweater-ish/warm tops in my wardrobe. Thus, I did what I do and started thinking through the fabrics in my stash. What did I have that could accommodate this need?

I recalled this dark pink? raspberry? magenta? sweater knit left over from the wrap top I made fall of 2019.

It's such a soft, pretty fabric and the color goes with any number of things in my wardrobe, so I was quite excited about having two tops made from it!

So, fabric picked, what pattern would I use for this top? I had no idea.

At first I considered something with fabulously awesome puffed sleeves.

Buuuut. . . I've made so many puffed sleeve tops in the past few years that I thought maybe I should make something different. 

Perhaps more than just puffed sleeves are required in one's closet.

As I contemplated this, I remembered the ever so slightly puffed stove-pipe sleeve included in the Winter Wear Designs Neck Tie Top pattern. Ohhhhh. . . 

 Then I recalled the V-neck hack Patricia, of Sew Far North, did with this pattern for a recent WWD blog tour.

And suddenly I knew exactly what I was going to turn this fabric into!

And one evening of sewing later, I had my V-neck Neck-Tie Top!

I did accidentally cut the V-neck a bit too low, so I've gotta wear a camisole underneath.

  At first I was annoyed with myself for this, but I've since come around. Now I actually like the look of the cami underneath and the extra warmth it provides is pretty nice too!

This has quickly become one of my very favorite tops to wear!

So, it was a no-brainer when my fiancé showed me the blue sweater he'd brought to wear for photos.

I'd wear my new-ish pink sweater. And my plaid circle skirt, because it's just too fabulous and versatile not to wear. (I really need to make myself a few more wool circle skirts!)

My sister-in-law graciously volunteered to take our engagement pictures, so with the help of her sister and my brother we had a lot of fun getting that done one evening.

Now that's done and it's onto the rest of wedding preparations!

Gulp. We'll do this thing. . . somehow. . .*

*Seriously though, wedding planning is going pretty well and I am beyond grateful for all the friends and family members who have volunteered to help with stuff! This thing is a community effort!


  1. You guys are so cute, and so is the top! And the goats!

  2. Lovely top, and lovely photos! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You’re adorable together. Wishing you all the good luck planning. It’ll be a cinch! Honest! Just don’t plan to get married on harvest, or in kidding season. Congratulations! Xx

  4. Lovely photographs! :-) Congratulations and all the best!


  5. Mathew "Tic Tac" NunleyMarch 4, 2021 at 11:45 PM

    Love you baby! Nice blog!