Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Red and Gray Flannel House Dress (Butterick 6482)

Over the past several years I've discovered what the ideal winter wardrobe is for me. Teenage me, who could never find long sleeves shirts that actually had long enough sleeves, and who got in trouble over dress code violations at school because her pants were "too tight", would be amazed. It's really crazy what making your own clothes that ACTUALLY FIT can do for you!

So here are my preferences: Jeans and long sleeve tops for work. Wool skirts and nicer tops/sweaters/blouses for church. And comfy flannel dresses for those marvelous days where I don't have to leave the house.

My supply of long sleeve tops, jeans, and wool skirts is decently healthy. My stash of flannel house dresses? That one could use some work.

A couple years back I came across a beautiful, thick, soft, red and gray plaid cotton flannel on clearance at Walmart. I got everything that was left on the bolt, and added it to my stash. Last winter, in a burst of inspiration, I decided to pair the flannel with Butterick 6482.

I thought the tea length skirt and 3/4 length sleeves would make an ideal house dress.

I cut the pattern out in my size that very evening! But then I got distracted by things (such as getting engaged and spending the next 4.5 months planning and sewing for my wedding), so I never did actually make the dress.

Last time I was back at my parents' house, the pattern and fabric still stacked together in one corner of my old room caught my eye. That dress really would be nice to have. . .

I brought the pattern and fabric back home with me and spent the next couple days I had off work sewing it up.

The finished dress is exactly what I wanted - comfy, warm, and cozy.

Slightly terrifying face - but it's a great picture of the dress!

I specifically cut the waistband and waistband facing on the bias, not only for the visual interest, but also because I thought the bit of stretch given by the bias would make the dress extra comfy and non-restrictive.

And it is comfortable! That said, this dress doesn't have as much shape as I thought it would from looking at the pattern envelope. The bodice gathers are a little skimpy.

This might just be due to the fact I used a stiffer, heavier fabric than what was recommended. However, if I make this pattern again I'll probably add a bit more fullness to the bodice and I might make the waistband a bit tighter for more of an hourglass shape. As is, this dress is almost tight through the bust and rather loose in the waist. Just fine for a house dress, but not what I generally go for when wearing something out and about.

The only pattern alteration I made on this dress was to move the zipper from the side seam to the center back. There was already a center back seam on the dress so this was super easy to do. I find dresses with back zippers easier to slip on and off, so unless there's a really good reason for the zipper to be at the side, I move it.

My favorite element on this dress is the full raglan sleeves.

The pleats and the top stitching? Fantastic!

And they're the perfect length - long enough to keep warm, but short enough to stay out of the way when you're working.

Overall, despite the fact I don't love the rather shapeless silhouette, I'm calling this dress a success.

I think it will receive plenty of wear this winter and for many winters yet to come!


  1. If you keep scrolling down, the dress I sewed to show off my Octans shawl designs was this pattern. I had to do a lot of mods because I have short and fluffy, I also added pockets, but mine is also flannel, and I LOVE it. Your bias sleeves look amazing!

  2. Love that plaid!!! I used to get so disgusted with sewing until I got the hand of adjusting patterns. The envelope photos always had more silhouette shape than I got from cutting and sewing them as they were printed.
    This dress design looks well worth refining though!

  3. Very nice! Too nice to just be a house dress!