Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Sister-less Week

A few years ago my little sister went to summer camp for the first time ever. I missed her horribly. She came home to 5 new dresses.
Now this has more or less become a tradition. She goes to camp. I sew her dresses. (although maybe not quite as many as I did that first year)
As she has gotten older it's become harder and harder to come up with dresses to make for her (there are great dress patterns and designs out there for little girls, but not so many for tweens) , but still lots of fun. Here's what she came home to this year.

Several weeks ago I found this eyelet circular table cloth at a thrift shop.

I liked the fabric, so I got it, but I had no clue what I could make out of it. That is until I came across this dress on pinterest.

The table cloth would make a great skirt for an overall dress! So I picked up a pair of overalls off a clearance rack and got to work.

 First I cut the legs off the overalls, then sewed on the skirt. I found just enough green cotton in my stash to line the skirt with.

I sewed some eyelet trim from my stash along the hem of the lining. This peeks out from under the eyelet skirt to give it a fun ruffly look. Then, just because I knew my sister would enjoy it I used a couple fancy sewing machine stitches along the hem as well.

I replaced the shoulder strap buttons with these really cool looking buttons I found at Hobby Lobby.

I added some elastic to the back waistband, as the overalls were a bit too big, then ta-da!

The perfect dress for a girly farm girl!

I decided to base the next dress off  this pattern from the 60's that I came across on pinterest. 

I thought it was a pretty cool design. Then I found these cotton prints in a box of fabric someone had given to me.

I decided they would be perfect for this design. So I altered the bodice of Simplicity 1434, and pieced together the leftover fabric for the skirt.

I love the fun summer dress that resulted!

Those were the only two dresses I actually got done the week my sister was gone, but I had one more planned. I didn't get it done while she was at camp, but I did get it finished the weekend she returned! You'll hear about that one later, for now I'm gonna enjoy having my sister home!

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