Friday, October 23, 2015

An Asymmetrical, Faux Wrap, Zipperless, Black Skirt with Lace and Buttons

A black skirt. Such a versatile garment. Something every woman ought to have in her wardrobe. Thus, I decided I needed one, that is another one. I had a black skirt or two in my closet, but not one I had made. Given the choice I always prefer to wear clothes made by me, rather than store bought. So, I gave away one of my store bought black skirts to make room for a made-by-me black skirt in my closet.

I had a specific plan in mind, after all to justify making a garment that I technically already owned, it had to be unique. I wanted an asymmetrical black, faux wrap, zipper-less, button up, lacy, skirt. So I sketched out my idea and got to work. I had some incredibly soft, drape-y, black fabric and embroidered lace, given to me by a friend. It was perfect for this skirt.

I used combined bits and pieces from 3 different commercial patterns to make my pattern. Then, once I got the skirt cut out, I added an embroidered lace appliqué to one of my front panels.  

This cat (Suzie Q.) insisted on helping every step of the way. It's a thing good this she and my fabric were the same color!

I used a zigzag stitch to attach the lace to the skirt panel, then sewed the skirt together. To get the shape I wanted, the skirt front had to be made from three different panels. 

The skirt fastens with 3 buttons (from my HUGE thrifted collection) at the waistband, similar to my brown maxi skirt from last year. I made the front waistband piece extra long so that the entire waistband, once sewn together, would fit easily over my hips. Then I added buttons and button holes so that the waistband fastens by folding over itself. I love making skirts with this type of closure, easy peasy, fun button detail, and no zipper to have to hide!

This is such a fun and flow-y skirt to wear, perfect for wearing all my pretty shirts with.

Plus, it looks great with boots! (This is pretty much a requirement for anything in my wardrobe. I'm not sure I even own any other types of foot wear.)

As much as I love making and wearing dresses, I'm realizing it's much more practical for me to make separates for myself. I've got plenty of store-bought clothes that I like, but don't wear much since I prefer the me-made clothes. Thus, me-made separates like this skirt are just what I need. Something I made that looks great with my store-bought clothes, giving everything in my closet equal chance of being worn. (or maybe I should clean out my closet again, ehhh, no, well, maybe, I'll work on it.)

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