Monday, November 2, 2015

A Tablecloth + a Pillow Case = a Dress

My currant favorite place to shop for fabric? Thrift stores. The linens section is a treasure trove of fabric, occasionally actual, still on the bolt, fabric, but mostly fabric in the form of sheets, bed skirts, pillow cases, and yes, even table cloths.

When I came across this green paisley table cloth, I snatched it up and immediately began thinking of what I could make out of it. A dress? A skirt? Something else entirely? All I knew is I wanted to wear it. What it would be was answered when I picked up M7187 at a pattern sale.

The green paisley tablecloth would turn into this dress, with a few changes of course. A slightly lower neckline, elbow-length sleeves, hidden pockets, and a contrasting fabric for the middle panel of the dress. From my stash of thrifted "fabrics" I pulled a light blue, silky soft, sateen striped pillow case.

I cut the center panel on the bias, like the pattern called for, only in two pieces with a center front seam, rather than one on the fold. I matched the stripes all down the center front to make a chevron pattern. That stripe matching actually turned out to be easier to do than I expected! Along with the canter panel I also cut sleeve ruffles and a mock belt from the pillow case.

I sewed everything together, added a zipper, and a couple of green buttons, from my thrifted stash, then I had a tablecloth to wear.

The pockets are in the waist seam, hidden by the mock belt. Large enough to carry not only the standard cell phone and pocket knife, but also a verity of sewing things, spools of thread and scissors to be exact. (Yes, I realize I may be a little crazy. Sorry, no excuses)

Comfortable, looks good with boots, not a sundress, yep, I think this tablecloth and pillow case became a wonderful fall dress.

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