Saturday, December 31, 2016

1890's Ladies

There's a list of things I'd like to get done before I leave. People to see, places to go, things to do, pictures to take, and of course lots of sewing, make up this list. Well, early this month I finished my mom's 1890's dress for the (postponed) church Christmas play so an 1890's photo shoot was pretty high on this list.

Thus, early this week my mom put on her new dress, I pulled out my blue paisley for one last outing this year, and my sister clothed herself in the (yet unblogged) 1890's dress I made for her birthday this summer and lengthened for her to wear in the Christmas play. 

Dresses on, hair done, we met my friend Erentry at the park where the Heritage Festival is held every fall. 

Of course, all the buildings were locked up so we couldn't go inside, but the house still made an excellent backdrop, and it was easy to believe that this is where we belonged in these dresses.

 We made ourselves right at home on the front porch.

Thankfully it was a rather warm afternoon so we didn't freeze despite being coatless!

Once we'd had our fill of that fantastic front porch (that took a while, it's a great porch) we meandered along the path and settled in front of the lamppost to take a few "solemn old-fashioned" pictures.

Keeping a straight face wasn't easy,

 So we decided to get some pictures of the backs of our gowns instead.

Erentry did an excellent job following us around with the camera and positioning us just right!

Eventually, as it was late in the afternoon, it began to get a little chilly and the light began to fade so we started wandering toward the car, errr. . . carriage.

My sister led the way with my mom and I following.

Until we found a pretty little stone bench, perfect for a few more pictures.

There we settled for a little while.

 My sister quickly returned to join us for a few more pictures before it really got too chilly and we had to leave.

But we got waylaid once more before we reached the parking lot  hitching post by this stunning front gate. 

I loved getting spend the afternoon all dressed up with these two!

A girl never gets too old to dress up with her little sister, right?

And when these sisters get their mom to dress up too, well, that's just even better!

Thank you so much, Erentry, for coming out to take these pictures for us! We enjoyed it!


  1. That's so cute! You guys look so pretty in your dresses!

  2. my sister and I are 35 and 36, and we love dressing up together, so nope, never too old ;) These are all lovely!

    1. That's great! Glad we're not the only ones :) Thanks, I have a talented friend!

  3. Beautiful ladies in beautiful dresses. And so beautiful memories!
    Love your friend's ideas for staging for the photos.
    Sandy in the UK