Saturday, June 25, 2022

A Wedding-Worthy Dress for a Baby - Simplicity 8614

 At the time of my wedding my niece was a bit too young to have an official role. However, I decided she still needed a special dress, made just for her, for the festivities.

Something lacy in keeping with the theme of my dress and the flower girls dresses.

At first I thought I might just make her a miniature version of the flower girls' dresses, but then I remembered something I had in my stash.

An embroidered ivory net lace skirt I'd picked up at a thrift store once upon a time. I bought it because the lace was pretty, and I wanted to use it for something, but after several years of hoarding this thing in my stash, the right project never came along. Until now!

I decided to use Simplicity 8614, because the ruffle around the neckline was just so cute! I measured the dimensions of the lace skirt and the size of the pattern pieces in my niece's size and was thrilled to discover I would have just enough lace to make this plan work!

Now what would go under the lace? In keeping with the purple and green color scheme of the wedding party and decorations I chose a pale green rayon twill off the clearance rack at Joann's. It was wonderfully soft.

For the ruffle around the neckline I used some ivory embroidered net lace I'd found at the 100 yen store in Japan a couple years earlier.

I chose to skip the big bow in the back shown on the pattern and just finished off the dress with a row of buttons down the back instead.

Getting an active baby to hold still long enough to be buttoned up wasn't easy, but one of my neice's other aunts managed it beautifully. 

Finishing off the ensemble was a pair of eyelet bloomers made by me.

And a headband and booties crocheted by my sister.

They were the perfect finishing touch!

Unfortunately the baby didn't want to leave on the headband and booties very long.

But they were cute while they lasted!

My niece spent the afternoon being just as involved in the wedding as a baby could be!

She posed for lots of pictures.

Spent time with Mimi,

Or Daddy,

Between portraits.

I snagged her just as often as I could because holding a baby is the best!

A few short naps happened throughout the day.

Because weddings are exhausting!

And then she spent the reception meeting relatives she hadn't had the chance to meet yet.

And she even got out on the dance floor a bit, where she was, justifiably so, the center of attention!

This little girl had a lot of personality and it was so much fun to have her included in the wedding festivities!

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  1. Congratulations, the little dress is adorable. it looks like I have a lot to catch up on!