Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Triple Take of the Double Take Tank

I wasn't kidding two weeks ago when I said certain shades of green were practically neutrals in my wardrobe. A couple weeks ago I made myself 3 new tank tops, and without even trying, only using fabrics in my stash, all 3 go perfectly with the green skirts, shorts, and pants in my wardrobe.

I've enjoyed sewing up (and wearing!) the Winter Wear Designs patterns for blog tours this year, so when Suzanne put out a testing call for a new woven tank top pattern, I decided why not? I like her patterns and can always use more tank tops in my wardrobe. Plus, as sleeveless tops don't require much material, I had plenty of fabric in my stash I could use for the project.

For the first tank top from this pattern I dug into my stash of "recently used, but not completely used up" fabrics, and selected a remnant of floral polyester left over from making this dress.

I was a little short on fabric, so I had to cut the back out as two separate pieces, rather than 1 on the fold. Thus, this first tank got a center back seam, but, with the busy pattern, it's not too noticeable.

The pattern includes 3 hem options; short, regular,
and shirt tail. I really wanted to make the shirt tail option, but, due to my fabric shortage, that wasn't possible, so I just did the plain old regular hem option instead. It's still slightly longer in the back than the front, just not dramatically so.

As with most WWD patterns I made a size M, graded to a S waist, then back to a M at the hips. I was very pleased with the fit of this sizing combination, so I repeated it with my next two tops.

For the second tank I reached into my stash of "garments to be refashioned" and came up with a rayon crepe, elastic waist, floral skirt. The fabric had a fantastic drape and the floral pattern reminded me of 18th century fabrics.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before picture of the skirt, so you'll just have to imagine what it looked like before the refashion. Think 90's church lady skirt. The front of the skirt was one solid panel, so that became the front of my tank top.

The back of the skirt had a center back seam, so the back of my top does as well, since neither back panel was wide enough on its own to become the full back of the tank top pattern.

There wasn't a ton of fabric in the skirt, so I opted to cut the shortest hem length included in the pattern, making this tank about 2" shorter than my first.

Along with 3 different hem options, this pattern also includes two different back options. It can be made up as a racerback, or with a scooped back neckline. I like both options, and fully intended to make both, but instead, I wound up making 3 racer backs - don't ask me why.

For my third tank top I pulled fabric from my "I bought this fabric because I liked it and it was a good deal" stash - a black polyester "chiffon" with a large rainbow butterfly pattern. (The bolt called it a chiffon, but it's really more like a very lightweight satin)

I had nearly two yards of this 60" wide fabric sitting in my stash, so I had more than enough to make a tank top with the shirt tail hem option and no center back seam!

All three tank tops got made, photographed, then promptly packed for vacation! Along with my aforementioned green skirt, shorts, and (yet to be blogged) pants.

The black tank has been worn with my green pants for tours of mammoth caves.

The rayon crepe tank has been worn with my green skirt while visiting museums and a historical farm in the smoky mountains.

The original dusty blue floral tank has also been worn with the green skirt - this time for visiting waterfalls!

Butterflies were abundant all around the waterfalls!

So, just in case you were wondering- green really is practically a neutral color in my wardrobe and tank tops are staples. You can expect both the color green and this tank top pattern to make future appearances on my blog!

This fabulous woven top pattern, the Double Take Tank, can be found here!

*I received this pattern for free in exchange for testing, but all thoughts and opinions are my own and I really do plan to make it again and again!

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