Monday, April 26, 2021

Swirly Skirt in Swirling Snow (Sew Chic Gatsby Skirt)

 Every March there is that one glorious morning where you step outside and the grass is green. What looked dead and brown the day before is bright green and alive! The earth is waking up, after months of winter, spring is here!

And then, occasionally, every few years maybe, there is that one surreal morning in April where you wake up and it's snowing. Actually snowing. The air is white with swirling flakes and the stuff is accumulating on the ground.

That took place here last week. The latest accumulating snow in my area in 117 years. It tied with the 1904 record. Craziness! 

The snow wasn't exactly the most fun thing to do chores in, and I had to keep two heat lamps on my poor baby chicks to keep them warm enough in the freezing temps, but it was rather pretty. I decided it was as good of an excuse as any to finally photograph and blog about a winter make I never did get around to documenting.

Back in December, you may recall, I participated in "Designin' December", hosted by Linda of "Nice Dress, Thanks, I Made it". Well, a week after submitting my entry, a copy of a vintage Claire McCardell dress, I discovered I had won a prize - one pattern of my choice from Sew Chic pattern company!

I spent quite a bit of time over the next several days admiring all the options nd trying to decide which pattern I wanted. There were so many pretty dress patterns to choose from! Then I saw the Gatsby Pants pattern, and I was intrigued! Over the past several years I've really come to love wide-legged pants, and, while these really aren't that wide in the leg, the vintage style, high waist, and gathered pockets are just fantastic! There was definitely a place for these pants in my wardrobe!

After a bit more debate, I decided the Gatsby Pattern was definitely the one I was getting! It was the pants that caught my eye, but there was also a skirt pattern included. The skirt featured a trumpet style silhouette, not something I usually wear, but it did have the same fantastic waistband and pockets as the pants.

I kinda doubted I would make the skirt. I was really just getting the pattern for the pants. Then I noticed the godets in the front skirt seams. Those were fun. They looked like they would be fantastically swirly and a joy to wear. And I did need more winter skirts in my wardrobe. Maybe, just maybe, I should gives this trumpet skirt a try.

The following weekend I acquired 4 yards of pink pinstripe polyester suiting for $4 at Walmart. It was the perfect fabric to try out this skirt pattern! I printed out the pattern, cut into the pink polyester, and had this skirt done in an evening or two.

I tried it on and surprisingly loved it!

While I'm not sure this will ever be my go-to silhouette, the trumpet shape is fun for a change and surprisingly comfortable!

The high waist and pockets are just as fantastic as they appeared on the pattern cover.

This skirt quickly became a winter go-to for slightly dressy occasions such as church and whatnot.

I'm so glad I decided to give it a try!

Thank you Sew Chic for sponsoring "Designin' December" and giving me a chance to try out your pattern this way!


  1. Such a graceful skirt! I am wondering how the Ngaio blouse would look when paired with this skirt. Dramatic, certainly, but I think their styles would pair well. An elegant spring outfit.