Girls' Historical Dresses

Over the years I have had great fun designing and making historically inspired dresses for my little sister! Here's a collection of all the historical dresses I've made for her and blogged about. Click on any of the pictures to go to the full detailed blog post of the dress pictured.

18th Century Cotton Christmas Dress

Pink Cotton Regency Dress

1830's Fancy Sleeved Dress

1840's Fan-Front Dress

Mid-Victorian Inspired Pinafore-Look Dress 

Mid-Victorian Inspired Christmas Dress

1880's Cotton Bustle Dress

 Fancy Red Bustle Outfit

Laura Ingalls Bustle Era Dress

Pink Plaid 1890's Dress
1890's "Misses' Empire Dress"


  1. Came to your page from the fb plug on historically inspired clothes love your blog. Very inspiring