Friday, March 20, 2015

My Awesome, Creative, Little Sister

I have a very creative little sister. She's always doing one craft project or another, and I'm typically very happy if her crafts improve her sewing skills. So I'm pretty pleased with what she made today, completely on her own!


She turned old pant legs, left over from cut-off shorts I made myself a few years ago, into pillows. She got the idea from this pillow a friend made us several years ago from an old jeans leg.


So she went digging through my fabric/scrap stash and found some soft, slightly stretchy, pretty colored, pants legs. She turned them all inside out and sew one end closed. 


I'm very proud of how straight her straight seams are getting!
She then turned the legs right side out and commenced stuffing! Once she finished stuffing them, she sewed up the open end and ta-da! A finished pillow! Out came the glittery fabric paint to add the finishing touches.  

Green and purple, my 2 favorite colors!
Now she did get a little carried away with the stuffing part, as the pillow she gave me is rather hard, but by the 3rd pillow she had it down, as that pillow is perfectly soft! Unfortunately, as a result of my over-stuffed pillow, she then ran out of fiberfill so she still has to finish stuffing the remaining 3 pillows.  

Along with being creative my little sister is also generous. 
One of the completed pillows she has decorated as a birthday gift for a friend and the unfinished ones she already has ear marked as gifts for other friends. Yep, I have one awesome little sister!

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