Friday, July 31, 2015

Accessorizing the Ball Gown - The Gloves

Gloves were an important accessory throughout the 19th century. So once I finished the headdress to go with my Civil War Ball Gown, I was ready to make some gloves! I really wanted to make black lace mitts (fingerless gloves), but I was worried they wouldn't be appropriate since black was for those in mourning. After asking some questions and looking at pictures I decided I could get away with it, so I made my black lace mitts!

I mostly based them off of these from the 1860's at the MET museum.


I started out with some black netting from a shirt I found at Goodwill, lots of black lace from my stash, and Butterick B5370 (which I picked up at a pattern sale with this month's HSM challenge in mind).
Once I cut the mits out I inserted a piece of lace down the middle of them, to achieve the lacy look of the inspiration mitts.

Then I quickly sewed up one of the mitts up on the sewing machine, and it came out horrible!

All bunchy and crooked! I was going to have to hand sew these. So I carefully removed the lace from the messed up glove, cut out a new glove, and got to work.

The hand sewing actually went much quicker than I expected it to! Plus, it's much easier to sew in thumbs by hand than by machine.

Once the gloves were all sewn together I realised they were a bit loose at the wrist, right under the thumb. So to make them fit the way they should, I ran a few rows of gathering stitches there.

Once that was done, the mitts fit perfectly! So it was onto the fun part, trimming. Lace, lace, and some purple ribbon thrown in.

Then ta-da, my hands were properly outfitted to go with my ball gown.

Black Lace Mitts
The Challenge: #7 Accessorize
Fabric: Polyester net from a shirt I found at Goodwill, Black lace
Pattern: Butterick B5370
Year:  Made to go with my 1865 gown, so approximately 1860 - 65, but I have seen similar mitts from as early as the 1830's 
Notions: Thread, Ribbon, Black Lace
How historically accurate is it? The look is right, and they are mostly hand sewn, however all the materials are synthetic
Hours to complete: 5-6
First worn: Just for pictures, July 31st
Total cost: Everything was from my stash, except the netting, which I also used for my headdress, and the pattern, which I got on sale, so maybe $3 

Once the mitts were finished there was only one more accessory to make, not near as fun or pretty as the mitts and headdress, but every bit as important, if not more so, stockings!

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