Monday, September 26, 2016

The Second Swingy Jeanius Dress

One Swingy Jeanius Dress was not enough in my sister's opinion. She wanted a second. Being the indulgent big sister that I am, and really wanting a chance to get the neckline right this time, I complied.

Two pairs of Jeans, one darker, one slightly lighter, and a very light old jean leg left over from cut off shorts long ago, got cut up one evening.

Then another evening these old jeans got sewn together. Buttons were added at the shoulders. The result was tried on by my sister. There was no gaping at the neckline this time!

Using the satin stitch on my sewing machine I embroidered two butterflies on one side panel. This is a favorite detail of my sister's.

The opposite side panel displays a pocket from the lighter pair of jeans, also a very important detail.

I do believe this second swingy jeanius dress will be just as loved as the first. This will have to be her last such dress however as I see no reason why any girl needs three nearly identical dresses!

Refashioning jeans for The Refashioners 2016 has been great fun and my old jean stash is quite diminished, thankfully!

I am so grateful to Portia from Makery for hosting the challenge again this year so that I had a reason for tackling my out of control stash of discarded denim. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Portia for all the work you put into this!

My sister and I are pretty pleased with our new "jeans." Am I done refashioning jeans for now? 

No, Not yet. I still have a couple more plans up my sleeve. Here's hoping I get them done this week!

The end goal? Old Jeans-0 Wearable new garments- umm I'm up to 4 now so how does 6 sound? Check out my previous Jeanius posts to see all the fun I've already had! Now, on to the next project!  

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