Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Upside Down Buttercup Jeanius Refashion

The Refashioners 2016 was drawing to a close and I still had two pairs of jeans in my stash I wanted to do something with.

Something. I really needed to figure out something to turn these jeans into. I'd picked them up for free at the beginning of August specifically for the Refashioners challenge, despite the fact I already had plenty of old jeans. So, for that reason they really needed to be turned into something else before the challenge ended yesterday evening (Midnight U.K. time, 6 p.m. my time)

Finally, early this week I came up with a plan for those jeans, and yesterday I put it into action. I cut a 20 inch section off the bottom of each leg.

I cut the seams off the edges. This gave me 8 rectangles, 4 light, 4 dark. I rounded one end of each rectangle into a scallop. Then I sewed the 8 rectangles together and added a waistband, a hem facing, and two snaps,

Oh, and two pockets. That's right. I made my sister a skirt. 5p.m. yesterday evening, no time to spare, my last jeanius refashion was done!

I called my sister to my sewing room, she tried on her new skirt and declared it looked like an upside down buttercup and she loved it! 

I'll put this last jeanius refashion down as a success! My sister loves it, I love it, and I used up those two old pairs of men's jeans! Time to move on to another sewing challenge, my wardrobe for the World Race!


  1. Very sweet! Wow you have been so productive....sewing challenges are clearly motivating!

    1. Thanks! Yes they are! Especially when I already have all the materials I need :)