Friday, November 18, 2016

Watching Her Grow Up And Using Up Fabric Scraps

This Girl. She's growing up. Leaving behind the little girl.


I brought the two year old I care for to my house for the morning. My little sister spent most of the time we were there playing with him and helping him with things. He loves her. Everything she did, he wanted to do too. She was swinging on top of the tire swing, he climbed into the bottom.

When she was swinging in the bottom of the tire swing, he climbed into her lap to swing too.

She didn't get annoyed with him at all, rather she helped him do whatever he wanted to do. She was incredibly patient with him. She's the youngest in our family, and it was so much fun to see her step into the big sister role with this little guy.

She's growing up. While part of me wants to hold onto the little girl she was incredibly tightly and never let her grow up, the other part of me watches in amazement as I see her becoming a young lady. Letting go of the little girl is bittersweet. However, watching her and the two year old that morning, seeing the contrast of the little one and the girl she is now, helping that little one, was incredibly sweet.

I am very thankful though that she's not growing up all at once! She still loves to swing, and she still loves wearing the cute clothes I love to make her.

After I made her the Susse Skirt, as a pattern tester, she declared she wanted another. That could be done, no problem!

Well, that's true other than the fact that I didn't have quite enough of the fabric I wanted to use for this skirt. I picked up a remnant of the red fabric this spring (at the same time I also bought this fabric) when my sister requested a red dress. Thus, the fabric had been earmarked to be made into something for my little sister. Unfortunately, I only had about 3/4 of a yard, half the amount required for a size 12 Susse Skirt. 

Luckily, I have a very extensive fabric stash! A quick look through revealed some rather large scraps this gold quilting cotton printed with dogwood flowers. It paired perfectly with the red calico! Thus, this color blocked Susse Skirt came to be!

I added a band of red lace to the gold section just for fun, then totally surprised my sister with the final result! She'd been admiring both of the fabrics in my stash for some time now. Also, back when I tested the Susse Skirt pattern she'd suggested color blocking it (with different fabrics), so she was pretty happy to see I'd taken her suggestion.

She's growing up, and coming up with some pretty excellent ideas for things. I couldn't stop with just one color blocked Susse Skirt, so I also made this one.

It's for my sister's friend. I let the recipient pick the fabrics out from my stash, and now I can't wait to give it to her at church on Sunday. Hopefully she likes it!

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  1. I love your use of the two fabrics! I have lots of pieces that are too small for the skirt on it's own, but I could use your idea to colour-block it and actually get to use up the pieces! Fabulous! She looks super happy :)