Tuesday, April 2, 2019

My Miramar Tops

After a steady week of wonderfully warm, springy, days, it got chilly again over the weekend. Not horribly cold at all, but chilly enough that in the middle of the day on Saturday, large fluffy white snowflakes fell from the sky. Huge snowflakes. The snowfall only lasted about an hour, and it didn’t stick, thankfully, but Saturday evening and Sunday morning were cold enough outside that it was most comfortable to wear an actual coat, rather than just a jacket, while doing goat chores.

Thus, after feeding, milking, and bottle feeding the goats Sunday morning, when it was time to get dressed for church, I opted to wear my wool circle skirt. Cloaking my legs in wool seemed to be a good plan with the temperatures being what they were.

And I paired it with the fabulous blue top I made about a month ago.

The fabulous blue top I made from the Miramar top and dress pattern, by Scroop Patterns, specifically to go with this skirt. I do love the sweater I made to go with this skirt, but the Miramar Top brings a slightly different flavor to the plaid wool. The skirt and miramar combo just feels a touch more elegant than the skirt and sweater combo. I do enjoy both looks, however, and it's great to have options!

I've admired the Miramar pattern, and wanted it for myself, ever since seeing this dress that The Dreamstress made for herself prior to starting Scroop Patterns and releasing the pattern for sale. The pattern was eventually released shortly before I left on the World Race, at a point when I didn't have much time to sew and was preparing for a year without a sewing machine, thus I did not buy it right away. Nor did I buy the pattern immediately upon my return home a year later. 

After a year of being reunited with my sewing machine and admiring others' Miramar makes online, I finally bought the pattern last November when Scroop Patterns had a Black Friday sale. Thrilled to finally have the pattern I'd admired for so long, I sewed it up within 24 hours of my purchase. 

I used a silky polyester knit from my stash, in a beautiful dark teal color, for my first version of the pattern, and have enjoyed wearing the resulting top all winter long.

I'm honestly surprised it took me so long to make a second top from the pattern after I made that first one!

My only complaint about the first top is it's a bit tighter than I prefer through the waist and hips - though the fit is excellent at the neckline and through the bust.

So I cut one size larger through the waist and hips when I made this blue Miramar top from a rayon/spandex jersey last month, and the fit on this one is perfect!

This top looks fancy, but is actually a very quick sew. 

The neckline/cut on collar looks complicated, but actually goes together very smoothly and was much easier than I expected.

Now that I've made a couple lovely tops from this pattern, I fully intend to make a dress from it as well. I've just gotta figure out what sort of awesome pockets I want to add to it - because I can't have a dress without pockets.


  1. I haven't seen another Miramar dress other than the Dreamstress's, so I can't wait to see yours! Especially with added pockets ; D

    1. Thank you! It will probably be next fall before I make it, as what I have in mind is more of a fall/winter dress than a spring/summer dress.

  2. I love your skirt. :) Plaid wool circle skirts are the best.