Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Well as of this morning I have one happy little sister. Her goat, Lacy, kidded with one HUGE doeling around 7 a.m.

I went out to feed around 6:30 this morning, when it was still dark out (dangit winter! I want more sunlight!), and I heard a goat crying out in the pasture, not in the lot with the rest of the goats. I went to investigate, and found Lacy, very much in labor. 
I got her moved into a kidding shed, but the heat lamps weren't hooked up yet, as all the extension chords were in use elsewhere, so I had to figure out how close Lacy was to kidding with the help of a flashlight. Well she was close, the hooves were emerging! But poor Lacy, she's not a big goat, and this was obviously a big baby, so I had to help her get the head out, by pulling as Lacy was pushing with her contactions. Thankfully Mama and baby got through it ok, and my sister got a doeling out of it! (last year Lacy had one big buck. . . so this was a long awaited doeling)

With a mama named Lacy, this baby needed a fabric-related name too, so several weeks ago my sister picked out Chiffon as a name for a doeling, if Lacy were to have one. Had this been a little buck, his name would have been Rick-Rack (yes, I have a creative sister, and I love it!)

I had to leave for work as soon as Chiffon was born, so I left my mom and sister to get her all cleaned up and make sure she nursed. Well, when I got home this evening I realized just how big Chiffon really is (my dad was still in the process of getting the shed lit and heated when I left this morning, so I only got to see the baby by flashlight) 
She's as big as Holly and Mistletoe, who are nearly 2 weeks old!
Now that is a big doeling! And a wonderful bit of joy on an otherwise bleak day.

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