Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New sewing projects (and baby goat)

It's so nice to be done making Christmas presents! I love making things for my friends and family, but I have a few things I've been looking forward to making for myself, that I can finally take the time to make!
First off, this skirt!
On Pinterest I found this skirt, and decided to make one similar. I used brown polyester taffeta and altered a pattern I already had. The front buttons are functional, so I didn't have to add a side zip. This skirt is so much fun to wear, and it was really easy to make! I'd forgotten how much I loved wearing long skirts.

Now that the brown skirt is done, I have this dress to do something with.
I've been reading this blog, refashionista, and I decided I wanted to try my hand at refashioning something found at a thrift store, so I got this dress at Goodwill and have a plan for it!

And finally, the project I'm most excited about!
 I'm going to make this dress!!! A woman I know from church contacted last week. A few years ago, before she got married and started a family, she had started making this dress, and now didn't have time to finish it. She offered me everything she had for it if I wanted to make the dress for myself. Of course I said "Yes, please!"
She had the bodice mostly completed, and it's very close to my size so I'll only have to make a few adjustments.
(It's not laying very well on my dress form, but it's very well made and gorgeous!)\
I can't wait to get started on this gown!! But I have a few more projects I have to complete first, so it will be a few weeks.

Meanwhile, the baby goats keep coming! Meet Tigereye, a big buckling, who interrupted a good nights sleep for me by being born around 3am on Tuesday. At least he's cute!

Diamond, his mother (and Sombrita's granddaughter), is such a good mama!
She had him, got him dried off, and nursing, all on her own!

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