Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Very Sparkly, "Liquid Sunshine" Dress

My junior year of high school I refashioned a prom dress for myself. My senior year of high school I made my prom dress. Ever since I've wanted to either make or refashion another formal gown, but I've had no reason too. So this summer when my childhood best friend asked me if I would be willing to make her a pageant gown I, of course, said YES! Then she happened to find, and fall in love with, a very sparkly gown. It was just her style and looked stunning on, but still, dang it. I had really wanted to make her a dress!

This perfectly sparkly dress however, was not the perfect fit, so I offered to alter it for her.

After discussing a few ideas for the alterations that needed to be done, we decided to go a completely different, slightly easier, way more fun, direction. My friend's favorite part of the dress was the sequin covered skirt. Thus, we decided to scrap the ill-fitting bodice and design a new, perfectly fitting and flattering bodice to go with the perfectly sparkly skirt. We went to Joann's and came home with some matching gold-colored satin, lots of sequin trim, and Butterick B6052.
I sewed a mock-up of the new bodice from some old curtains in my stash. Once the mock-up was fitted perfectly to my friend I cut it apart. It then became the bodice pattern, and I cut into the pretty, shiny, gold, satin.

I sewed together the new bodice, and got to try out my brand new invisible zipper foot (which is awesome).

Finally I sewed on lots of sequin trim to make the new bodice look like it belonged with the extremely sequined, sparkly, skirt.

The finished product? A very sparkly, one of a kind, liquid sunshine, pageant gown.

My friend looked absolutely stunning, and did very well at her pageant (4th runner up!!), and I got to refashion another formal gown! This was a very fun and rewarding project. Now, does anyone else need a formal gown? I want another project!

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