Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Bag Refashion

One evening once I had finished my current sewing project I looked around my sewing room, trying to figure out what to work on next. I had some big projects to work on, but none of those appealed to me at that moment. I wanted something small and quick. My eyes fell on this computer bag.

My aunt gave it to me several years ago for Christmas, a nice bag, but as I already had a computer bag (with a shoulder strap!) I've never used this one. That night I decided it needed a purpose.

My little sister has some stuff she must carry with her where ever she goes. To hold this stuff she needs a small purse-type bag with lots of pockets so nothing gets lost. The idea hit me, I could refashion this bag for my sister!

First, I carefully detached the zipper from the sides of the bag with my seam ripper. Then, I cut the bag down to the size I thought would work best for my sister. Once that was done, I cut a circle of pink fabric to applique over the embroidered "A" (not my sister's first initial). I used fabric paint on the circle to add my sister's monogram.

That left me with this, a good base for lots of pockets! The outside of the bag and the lining were, at this point, only connected to each other at the top, where I'd left part of the zipper attached. This made it easy to add pockets to both the inside and outside of the bag.

A cute pocket on the outside of the bag, and. . .

. . .nice big pockets on the inside, to keep my sister's stuff all organized.

Once the pockets were sewn on, I re- attached the zipper and sewed up the bottom of the bag, using wide bias tape to finish my seams.

There! My sister had a new bag, with, hopefully, enough pockets to keep her things organized, and that cute computer bag, finally, was gonna get used!

Now, the all-important question, does my sister like this bag and use it? Yes! This bag refashion was a success! 


  1. What a great project! I love that you thought of this and then did all the hard work to make something useful from the unneeded piece. Very nicely done! I just found your blog via Refashion Co-op and will bookmark it. :)

    1. Thanks! My sister has used tge bag every day since I finished it, so I'd definantly say this project was well worth the time it took!