Wednesday, April 20, 2016

One Purse, Two Purse. . . John Deere Camo Purse?

My mom wanted a new purse. I needed a new purse.

My mom's purse was the test version of the Anya bag I made last fall. While very cute, it lacked pockets, making it very difficult to find things, like keys when in a hurry. After 6 months of that, it was time for a change.

My purse was an altered (read, pockets added) version of the Anya bag. I loved it, but, after 6 months of use, the pleather I made it out of was peeling apart. Not good.

So, about two weeks ago I decided to make my mom and I each a new purse. My sister heard of this plan and requested her own Anya bag. (apparently the bag I made her a couple months ago wound up being a bit smaller than she needed.)

So, three purses. I could get those done in a day, right? Well, life (read, truck needing new breaks so lots of trips to the parts store on a day I planned to sew), got in the way, so it took a bit more time than that. Finally, as of yesterday, all three purses were finished and in use!

First up, my mom's.

After looking through my stash of purse patterns she decided she really liked the shape of Simplicity 1439, view B (upper right corner).

She pretty quickly decided against all the ruffles and just requested lots of pockets. No problem! She picked out some home decor weight plaid cotton fabric from my stash and I got to work.

I cut 4 pockets. Two for the outside, one with a flap and one with a zipper. Then two for the inside, one with a zipper and one without. I sewed the pockets to the bag, then decided it needed something else. A zipper at the top of the bag. That would do it.

Now, I had never put a zipper in a bag before, and this pattern didn't call for one, thus had no instructions for one, so I just winged it. Well it came out ok, not perfect, but it works! Next time I'll do better.

My mom was very pleased with her new purse and extremely happy with all the pockets (and the zipper)! One purse down, two to go!

Next up, mine.

I loved my old purse. The Anya bag with added pockets worked great for what I needed. So, I saw no reason to change it, I just picked out new fabrics. 

I picked up some green home decor fabric at a thrift store, intending to make my purse of  it. I brought it home and loved how it looked next to some camouflage-ish cotton twill in my stash. Not a fabric I would have thought to make a purse out of, but hey, why not?

I combined the two fabrics and added some lace to the front pockets to make it a bit more feminine.

Then, like with my mom's purse, I decided to add a top zipper. I tried a slightly different method for this one.

First, I encased the edges of the zipper in my camo-ish fabric. Then I sewed that into the top band of my purse. It worked just as I'd hoped!

There are two pockets on the inside of the purse, one with a zipper, to hold things I really don't want to loose, and one without.

My perfect purse pattern, version two. It works just as well as version one did! Only one more purse left.

Finally, my sister's.

She requested a purse and told me what pattern to use, the Anya bag with a cross body strap and pockets added. I sent her to the sewing room to pick out fabric. After going through three containers of fabric, she picked this. Yep, camouflage with John Deere tractors on it, a remnant left over from a pair of P.J. pants I made my brother years ago. To go with that, she picked out an old pair of jeans to use for the bag yoke and strap.

Next, I had her pick a lining fabric. She did so, then came up with the brilliant idea of making the bag reversible! So, one way it's John Deer tractors and camo, with an open pocket on the front and a zipper pocket on the back.

Then flipped inside out, it's white lacey looking cotton with the same pocket arrangement.

The perfect bag for any occasion, whether she needs to be a farm girl or a young lady. I have a smart little sister, just say'n.

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  1. You do have a smart little sister! And----------she has a smart and very talented big sister😀.