Friday, April 29, 2016

My Mom's Easter Shirt

Getting around to taking pictures of what I sew is, quite possibly, the hardest part of keeping this blog. I'll sew something for myself, my mom, my sister, my friends, and then fail to get pictures of it for weeks or occasionally months. Getting two, or more, people and a camera to be in the same place, at the same time, with decent lighting is easier said than done. For example, my mom's Easter shirt this year. 

Yes, she got an Easter shirt to match my sister's and my dresses, it just took a while for use to get around to photographing it. Finally one day recently I noticed she was wearing it, so it was picture time! 

Those green striped sheets went a long way, and (in my opinion) all three finished products turned out fabulous! 

At a pattern sale I stumbled upon Simplicity 1064 and picked it up on a whim.

This was the same pattern sale where I picked up Simplicity 0169 (the pattern I used to make my black daisy dress) so I guess that day I was just drawn to the cross-over bodice design. 

Fast forward a month and I was planning Easter outfits. I asked my mom if she wanted a dress or a shirt and she said shirt. So I pulled out this pattern and asked my mom which view she liked best. She picked view D (bottom right corner), which was also my favorite, then requested I add sleeves to it. No problem! 

We didn't think the straight sleeves included in the pattern would look quite right with the flounces on the front of the shirt, but the sleeves from Simplicity 1801, the pattern I used for my dress, those would be perfect!

I found some matching green and white ribbon at Hobby Lobby to use as the waist tie, and that was it! The shirt was done in time for Easter Sunday Services. (And it has been worn multiple times since, as these pictures prove!)

So, once again, Happy Easter! Jesus is still risen so we are free!

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