Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Beginning of (Sewing For) Leaving

Christmas is over, my final day of work was last week, launch is in 10 days,  and I have finally begun my World Race sewing!

T-shirts. Cute T-shirts. Something that will look good with pretty skirts, and ultra-casual pants and shorts. That's what I need. Now, I could just buy said T-shirts, but what's the fun in that? Of course I'm going to make my own!

I found this cute cotton-spandex chevron jersey months ago. A very generous friend decided that her contribution to my trip would be my pack. I needed a HUGE internal frame backpack to live out of for the next year. So, we went to the city to buy this pack. Once it was found and bought we decided to go fabric shopping, because we were in a city with more fabric stores than we have at home, so why not? Pack shopping turned into fabric shopping, and I found this grey and orange fabric. I imagined it would look great as a raglan-sleeved T-shirt with contrasting sleeves. I bought a yard, figuring that would be plenty for one T-shirt, and I wasn't wrong. I bought the grey version of this fabric to make my sleeves and actually had enough fabric to make two T-shirts!

After successfully making myself a T-shirt last month to match my sister's dress, and thanks to a comment on that blog post, I thought it would be fun to make us matching garments again. My sister was surprised, and thrilled, when I presented her with her new shirt!

I made her shirt out of the pattern I made for her green velvet shirt, but with one extra cute detail, a fun ruffle on the back! I love this shirt on her, and as she's already worn it twice since I made it I'd say she's rather found of it too!

Now, for my shirt I figured it would be easy enough just to pick up a raglan sleeve shirt pattern at Joann's during a pattern sale. Well, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. After going through the pattern book twice I finally decided that Simplicity 3696, a PJ pattern, was close to what I was looking for, but still not quite perfect. After exploring other options though, I decided to use it. I made it a size smaller than I usually would, so that the shirt wouldn't turn out too baggy and pajama-like. I also changed the sleeve length and added contrasting bands to the sleeve hems and shirt hem. 

The result? I love it! This shirt turned out much better than I thought it would, being made from a PJ pattern. 

After seeing how both of these patterns turned out I must say I'd be content to use both patterns again, and as I need a few more shirts before I leave and my sister loves getting matching ones, I just may do that.

My sister is quite pleased that we'll be wearing matching shirts, even when we're halfway around the world from each other, and that thought brings a smile to my face too.

We're gonna miss each other next year! I'm almost ready to go, and as excited as can be to get to go on this trip of a lifetime, but leaving my family is hard!

I'm so glad I've got this last week to spend at home with them before I go! Now, somewhere in this week I've got to pack that huge backpack. Hopefully everything fits!

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