Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Dress with the Heart Pockets

One of the very first things I sewed for my little sister (that wasn't doll clothes or a costume) was a Valentine's Day dress. She was with my mom and me at the fabric store where she found a package of heart-shaped buttons and insisted that she wanted one of us to make her a Valentine's day dress with them. Well, that girl has always had me wrapped around her finger, so I agreed, and made the dress with the heart-shaped buttons. That dress started a landslide. After it was finished I made her another dress, and another, and another, until eventually I was sewing most of her wardrobe.

Now, since that first dress, I can't say I've made a habit of making my little sister new dresses for Valentine's day. In fact, I can't remember making her a single other Valentine's dress in the past 5 years. It certainly wasn't on my radar to make her one this year, and she didn't ask for one either. But then. . . .

I saw an adorable dress, with adorable heart-shaped patch pockets, on instagram. Heart-shaped patch pockets with piped edges?!? Yes, please! I needed to make a set of those! And, of course, a dress to put them on. 

So that, my friends, is how my little sister wound up with a new dress for Valentine's Day this year. I just couldn't resist the heart pockets. Once I'd decided I just had to make a dress with those pockets, it was pretty easy to figure out the rest. 

Simplicity 8050 is a pattern that my sister picked out for herself. It's a 1940's reprint pattern, that has patiently been sitting in my stash since Black Friday, waiting for me to decide to make it.

Well, its day had come! I decided it would be a perfect canvas for the heart pockets.

And it was! The fabric for this dress came from a little Mennonite Fabric store my mom, sister, and I visited a couple weeks ago. As soon as the fabric made its way home with me, it was earmarked for this pattern. I just knew that by playing with the direction of the stripes I'd be able to highlight the fun design features of this dress.

The snaps down the front of the dress also came from the Mennonite store, and my sister specifically picked them out for herself, as they feature one of her favorite animals - horses! To finish off the dress I made a self-fabric belt using a circular mother of pearl buckle from my stash. I loved how the buckle perfectly matched the shape and color of the snaps!

My little sister was completely surprised and absolutely thrilled when I presented her with the finished dress! It was just the thing for her to wear to her homeschool co-op valentine's party!

A new dress and a shoe box ready to be filled with cards and candy? I do believe this girl is ready to celebrate the day! Happy Valentine's day everyone!


  1. Really shows the versatility of the pattern -- which looks much more formal. Like your take on it much better!

    1. Thanks! When my sister picked the pattern I was rather surprised. It had some nice details, but it just wasn't something I pictured her wearing. I'm so glad that I was able to make it a little more "fun"!