Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Metallic Golden Overall Dress

"3 yards left of metallic gold stretch denim, what to do with it?"

This was the question I asked myself after I finished making my skinny jeans. Luckily it was one easily answered by my sister. 

"An overall dress!"

The blue corduroy overall dress I made for my sister back in December is probably her most worn garment at the moment. It gets worn, gets worn again, goes through the wash, and them gets worn again almost immediately. The 1940's denim overalls I made for my sister a couple months ago get plenty of wear as well (just not as much as the dress). Thus, when my sister suggested I use the remaining gold denim to make her another overall dress, I quickly agreed.

She suggested that this overall dress be made from the same pattern as her 1940's denim overalls, Simplicity 8447. That was easy enough! 

I used the pattern to cut out the bodice, then just cut out two large rectangles for the skirt. I added pockets to the front skirt panel (my sister requested "jeans pockets", not patch pockets), and that was that. My sister had her metallic gold overall dress!

The dress was actually ridiculously easy to sew, so I decided to add some fun top stitching and hardwear to make it look more "overall-ish" (my word). 

Using bronze thread, I embellished the upper edge of the bodice, the patch pocket, and the hem, with some geometric decorative stitches I found on my sewing machine. I did regular topstitching along the skirt pockets, waistband, and shoulder straps.

Rather than regular buttons, for this dress I used hammer-on jeans buttons for the shoulder straps and my sister picked out some copper-colored snaps, that resemble the end of a shotgun shell, for the side placket.

The resulting dress is bright, shiny, and twirly, with just the right amount of overall-ness! It was the perfect project for the leftover metallic stretch denim!

Now, will this overall dress receive as much wear as the first one has?

I sure hope so!


  1. Replies
    1. She does! She actually chose to wear this as her Easter dress, which was fun!

  2. Aw this is so dang cute!!! Bella is so photogenic!☺️

    1. Thank you! It's been fun to watch her come into herself as she poses for pictures :)