Monday, June 6, 2022

My Mom's Mother of the Bride Dress

 We celebrated our first wedding anniversary this weekend.

Crazy that it's already been a year! This first year, a year full of change and growth, has definitely passed way faster than I thought it would. A year later, I can definitely say I'm glad I married this man!

A year in, I guess it's time that I finish blogging all the wedding stuff I made. During our 4 month engagement I sewed:
My wedding under things - corset, petticoat, combinations.
My mom's dress
My niece's dress
Flower girl dresses
Ringbearer vest
My brother's vests
Something for the ringbearer to carry

I *think* that's just about everything. And from that list, all I've shared the details on is my ensemble and the bridesmaids' dresses. So let's get back to talking wedding stuff, starting with my mom's dress!

Upon my engagement, my mom and I discussed the possibility of just buying her a Mother of the Bride dress in light of all the sewing I had to get done during my fairly short engagement. However, after a fair bit of contemplation I just couldn't imagine my mom wearing anything other than a dress I made for her on my wedding day. So I told my mom I would love to make her dress and assured her I would have time for the project and it wouldn't stress me out too much. 

She took me up on my offer and proceeded to look online for design inspiration. Soon she had decided on two things.

1: She wanted the dress to be silk, as she had thoroughly enjoyed having a silk dress for my brother's wedding a couple years earlier. 

2: She wanted to use a piece of lace off her wedding dress on her Mother-of-the-Bride dress. We had already decided I would use some of the lace from her dress on my gown, and we both thought it would be really sweet to do the same with her dress.

Obtaining the silk proved to be easier than we expected it to be! We discovered a local quilting shop happened to carry a small selection of silks so we were able to go pick out a silk in person rather than having to order something online. It's lovely getting to actually handle a fabric before you buy it!

My mom picked an ivory shantung with pink, orange, olive, and ivory dots embraided all over it. From my stash we picked a pink dupioni to trim the dress with.

As for the lace. . .

My mom's favorite piece of lace from her wedding dress was the triangle that accented the basque waist. 

So that's the piece we picked to trim her Mother-of-the-Bride dress with!

After looking at inspiration online and looking through my pattern stash my mom decided on a regency inspired dress with short puffed sleeves and a slight hi-low hem. The lace from her wedding dress would trim the center front of the bodice. I would use McCall's 7420 for most of the dress and Butterick 6630 for the sleeves. 

I made a wearable mock-up for my mom out of some blue linen from my stash. With that dress we perfected the fit and discovered the sleeves from Butterick 6630 were just a bit *too* puffy for the look we were going for. I adjusted the pattern then cut into the silk. 

The sleeves and hem were trimmed with bands of pink dupioni and a triangle of dupioni was sewn to the center front of the bodice to mount the lace on.

The bodice was lined with a pink cotton voile and the dress fastened up the back with a lapped zipper.  

The dress took less than a week to make and it was well worth the time!

On my wedding day. . .

My sister-in-law zipped my mom into her dress.

My mom buttoned me into mine.

My parents prayed over me.

My brother walked my mom down the aisle.

And my mom almost cried when I walked down the aisle on the arm of my dad.

After the wedding. . .

Pictures were taken.

And the reception was enjoyed!

I'm very grateful to my mom for helping me put together the wedding of my dreams and happy I could make her a dress to wear on that special day!

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  1. Lovely dress. Your mom look super pretty and fabulous in her beautiful yellow dress. I love her choice of fabric and the pattern is great too. And your also beautiful in that wedding dress. and Congratulations on your marriage and best wishes always.<3