Saturday, January 28, 2023

My Sister's Golden Snowflake Christmas Dress

 Golden Snowflakes were the theme of this year’s Christmas Dresses.

My sister came with me to Joann’s the weekend I went to buy the fabric for our niece’s Christmas dress (that was a busy weekend by the way, I’ll tell you all about it in a future post), and while there we spotted a white fabric embroidered with gold snowflakes. My sister fell in love with it, and all the Christmas fabric happened to be on sale, to the degree that this particular fabric was about 75% off.

We decided we simply had to buy 4 yards to make her a Christmas dress. 

So we did.

After returning to my apartment we set about planning this dress.

We decided to use the Charm Patterns Night and Day Dress pattern, with the yoked skirt, elbow length bishop sleeves, and the round neckline with the collar.

Ok, so we’d actually planned to do the long bishop sleeves, but when I went to cut the dress out 2 months later I discovered we had not bought enough fabric for that idea, so elbow length sleeves it would be.

Since my niece’s dress was going to be gold snowflake fabric with red “trim”, we decided my sister’s dress should be trimmed with green.

Thus, I bought a dark green crepe-backed satin for the collar and cuffs. (Yes, I probably did have some sort of dark green fancy fabric in my stash that would have worked for this, however, due to moving and all that entailed, I did not have a chance to go back to my parents’ house and dig through my fabric stash to find such a thing prior to starting this dress. Thus, buying 1/2 a yard of new fabric it was)

There’s not much to say about the construction of the dress. I lined the bodice with a Christmas print from my stash and the sleeves and skirt are both unlined.

It closes up the back with a lapped zipper.

I finished the dress about a week and a half before Christmas and was able to send it home with my sister when she and my parents came to visit!

She wore it to church on Christmas morning, and then to the Christmas gathering with my mom’s family the day after Christmas.

Where she gave my grandpa this gorgeous American Flag blanket she crocheted for him.

A week later she wore it again for our family Christmas.

She’d intended to make herself a green shawl and belt to wear with the dress, but thanks to all the gifts she was making for other people, that didn’t happen. (Who else can relate to that? 🙋‍♀️)

Oh well, she, and the dress, looked great regardless!

And maybe next Christmas she’ll get that belt and shawl made and wear the dress again!


  1. Gorgeous dress! I love the drop-waisted skirt.

  2. Love that fabric, such a festive dress. That pattern is a treasure, with so many options.