Saturday, January 14, 2023

Testing the Isle Jeans

 Blue Jeans. The majority of mine are still store-bought. Shirts and tops? Just about all are me-made. Same with dresses, skirts, and pants that aren’t jeans. But jeans? Well I can make them. I have made them. I’ve collected plenty of denim to make myself some more to replace my fast wearing-out thrifted jeans. However, I just haven’t made the collection of jeans I’ve intended too. Other sewing projects keep distracting me.

Thus, when Chalk and Notch put out a tester call for a jeans pattern I decided to apply. A pattern test would be the perfect way to ensure I made a pair of jeans! It was a high waisted jeans pattern featuring both a flare-legged and a wide-legged view. The flares looked like a ton of fun!

That said, I really didn’t expect to get picked as a tester. Chalk and Notch is a pretty popular pattern company and they usually have a lot of testing applicants so I don’t often get picked. Thus, I was completely surprised, and very excited, when I did get picked this time!

And also a little nervous. You see, I applied to test this pattern right after our offer on our house had been accepted, and the test would take place the week before we closed on our house. Hopefully I could manage it!

The printer and my sewing stuff would just need to be some of the last things we packed before moving. . . I could get this done! 

Thankfully I already had all the materials I needed in my stash - stretch denim, top stitching thread, and a jeans zipper.

Now I only had two yards of the stretch denim I wanted to use, not the 3 yards required for my size, but with some careful laying out, I made it work.

I cut out a size 10 as I’d recently gained a bit of weight and that was the size that best matched my new measurements.

As expected with Chalk and Notch patterns the instructions were very thorough and give you a professional looking garment when followed.

As this was a pattern test, I was a good girl and took the time to read, follow, and give feedback on the instructions.

In my normal sewing instructions often get ignored.

I finished the jeans two days before we closed on our house - my very last sewing project in the apartment. After that my sewing area was all packed up.

The finished pants looked fantastic and were very comfortable.

Very comfortable. Honestly, with as much as the denim stretches, I should have made a size smaller than I did. 

I used a fabric that stretched the recommended amount for this pattern, but the pattern does advise you to size down if you prefer a more form-fitting jean. I should have followed that instruction. This size would fit me comfortably if the fabric had no stretch at all.

Since moving I’ve lost the weight I’d gained (thanks moving and stairs!) so I definitely have to wear a belt with these now. But they’re still comfortable. And I still like the way they look.

I fully intend to make myself another pair or two in the correct size from the final pattern. I have more denim in my stash!

On my next pair I’ll probably make the front pockets a bit deeper or a different style all together. They look fantastic, but they’re a bit shallow for my phone.

I love the high waist on these jeans! It hides the fact that this blouse I made last summer turned out a bit too short-waisted for me. (Simplicity 8445 btw. This version can only be worn with my very high waisted pants and skirts, but I do intend to make another version that fits better in the future.)

I wore the jeans the day we closed on our house, and promptly got them covered in burrs and stick-tights as I explored 
our land that afternoon.

The jeans have been in regular wardrobe rotation ever since!

Thank you Chalk and Notch team for choosing me to test this pattern so I would finally add another pair of me-made jeans to my wardrobe!

The Isle Jeans pattern is now available on the Chalk and Notch website and the release sale is going on until 1/20/23! If you’re looking for a high-waisted, versatile jeans pattern with great instructions this one is certainly worth checking out!

*I received this pattern for free in exchange for testing but I was not required to blog about it in any way, shape, or form.


  1. I like the fit. I do not like to wear high waisted jeans. Do they have a pattern for hip/ just below belly button?

  2. Well done! I do not like the high waisted jeans either. I think I look like a dwarf, but I like how the jeans look on you. Perfect fit! Good luck with moving houses. Good luck in your new home!

  3. These look great on you - you ought to wear jeans more often. I am not a great jean wearer myself as I find it difficult to find any which are a good fit and my sewing skills are not good enough to make any

  4. These look really good, Alyssa. I really like the blouse you are wearing in the pics. Great job!

  5. Nice love your jeans

  6. Great job on the flare leg jeans! I like the top even more! Can you post about that make?