Sunday, March 19, 2023

A Joyful Flannel and Wool Winter Outfit

 After finishing my Joy Jacket in fall of 2021, I had some fabric left over. About 1 yard of colbalt blue wool, and about a yard and a half of plaid flannel. I liked the way fabrics looked together, so I decided to make a slightly dressy winter outfit out of them.

One yard of blue wool twill could make a cute little gathered skirt.

Cut the yard in half, add pockets to the front panels, put a zipper in the left side seam, piece together a waist band, gathered it up, put a button on the waistband, done!

Half a yard of fabric is 18", which makes a just above knee-length skirt for me. I didn't want to loose any length in a hem, so I hemmed the skirt with some blue gingham bias tape, left over from the gathered skirt in this post.

A quick, easy, no pattern required, project!

Now, for a blouse to go with it.

I decided to use the blouse pattern from McCall's 7184, as I loved how my first rendition of that pattern turned out.

With some careful cutting I managed to squeeze the blouse out for the 1.5 yards of plaid cotton flannel I had.

I just had to ignore any idea of plaid matching to do it. 

And line my cuffs and front button placket with some cotton scraps from my stash, rather than cutting everything from the flannel as the pattern suggested.

As nobody sees the inside of the cuffs or the placket facing, that was no big deal.

I made the button holes on the diagonal, just like on my Thanksgiving dress. It's such a fun little detail!

Since finishing it last winter, this had definitely become one of my favorite winter church outfits. I wear it all the time!

I was already a fan of wool skirts, and have several in my closet, but since making this outfit I've decided I definitely need more flannel blouses too.

They're just so comfortable!

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