Saturday, June 3, 2023

The Harry Potter Circle Wrap Skirt

 My sister-in-law called me the day of my sister’s play.

“I have the perfect outfit to wear tonight” she said.

“What is it?” I asked.

But she wouldn’t tell me. A few hours later we met her, my brother, and my niece for dinner before the play, and I may have squealed in delight when I saw what my sister-in-law was wearing!

She was wearing the skirt I’d made her as a birthday gift a few months earlier!! She looked so cute!

This skirt is a full circle skirt made just like my orange linen skirt with ties that wrap around the waist, rather than zippers, buttons, or some other sort of closure, making it incredibly adjustable!

My sister-in-law liked the design and commented on it last summer, so I decided I had to make her a skirt in this style, I just needed to find the perfect fabric!

The “perfect fabric” turned out to be a Harry Potter themed, king size, duvet cover my sister gave me for fabric a couple years ago. My sister-in-law loves Harry Potter, so when I came across this in my stash I knew it was just the thing!

As for the pattern, my orange skirt was made from a dress that I chopped up when I couldn’t get the bodice to play nice, so I didn’t, strictly speaking, have a pattern for this type of skirt. The dress pattern was cut out in the wrong size for my sister-in-law and didn’t have any waistband pieces, so I decided it would be easiest to start with an entirely different pattern, or two. (A combination I actually used to make my Christmas skirt a few years back.)

I used the Winter Wear Designs Bateau Garden dress skirt as my starting point since it was a full circle skirt with pleats just like those on those on my orange skirt. I used the shaped waistband pieces from the Winter Wear Designs Crop Dress pattern and just added ties to the ends. There’s an opening in the waistband at one of the side seams to thread the tie from the opposite side through.

Of course I also put pockets in the side seams.

My sister-in-law seemed quite pleased with the skirt when she unwrapped it, and said she’d have to find the perfect top to go with it!

And, as you can see, she did just that, added a gold headband, and looked fantastic!

It’s such a delight to see people wearing things you’ve made them!

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  1. Lovely job on the skirt. This is my favorite type of sewing, when you make something just like an inspiration piece out of your own head and pattern hacking. So satisfying! Well done!