Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Frolicking with my Sister in 1780's

 Before my sister left the state for Bible college at the beginning of the school year I really wanted to do another photo shoot in historical clothing with her.

Well, we ran out of time.

So I went to visit her and brought the historical clothing with me!

My brother, who’s going to the same Bible college, agreed to be our photographer and we were all set!

Well, almost.

We still had to find a place to take the pictures.

The area where my sibling have moved is in a major drought, so finding a place that was somewhat picturesque (green), in an area we don’t know very well yet, was. . . daunting.

After a weekend spent running around, trying to fit a week’s worth of activities into two days, my sister and I took an hour to drive around and scout out locations.

We found a park with nice green soccer fields surrounded by green trees.

It even had the cutest little stone bridge!

This would do!

We hurried back to the house to get dressed and collet our photographer, Mom, and the dog.

The main purpose of our trip to visit my siblings was to deliver my sister’s diabetes alert dog to her.

They missed each other an awful lot during the weeks they were separated so it was a joyous reunion on both sides!

And it seemed only fitting to get a few pictures of the pair!

For this photo shoot my sister and I decided to do early 1780’s

I had a new ensemble I’d made over the summer and wanted documented.  And, now that my sister has a proper set of stays, we needed to see how her gown looked with the right foundation layer.

Quite well! 

We definitely need to make her some proper accessories (a fancy apron would be fantastic!), but her 18th century look is coming along!

Maybe we can work together on some more projects for the ensemble when she comes home for Christmas break.

Meanwhile, it was just fun to dress up with my sister again and frolic in an open field!




Showing off our dresses!

My sister's dress has been blogged here.

I’ll share all about my dress later this fall.

(Bonus points if you can identify in the comments the inspiration behind my dress!)

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves until the light completely faded and it was time to return to the house.

My mom and I would be leaving early the next morning to return home.

And my siblings would be up early to see us off and head to class.

Some fun pictures together were the perfect way to finish off our visit!

Now to decided what era we’ll dress up in for our photo shoot next time we’re in the same state!


  1. I recognize a certain American girl's dress! :)

  2. This is really the sort of event my sister and I need to do together. I keep wanting to go to reenactments but they are a little scarce around here, so we might just have to create our own event. ;)

    I love the costumes, particularly your apron!! Such gorgeous pleating on it. I recently made a 1780s cap myself, so I loved seeing those as well!

    Congrats and good luck to your sister at Bible college. I sometimes wish I'd opted to go to one, but again, they're a little scarce here too. ;) Thanks for posting and have a good week!