Sunday, February 21, 2016

Rag Rugs, Potholder Style

This winter my family got really into making potholders. You know, the ones you weave from cotton loops on little metal looms? We made a lot of them! Most of the extended family got a set for Christmas.

Once we ran out of cotton loops I got a little creative and cut up some holey knee socks to make more potholders. That worked surprisingly well!

At some point during this whole potholder making frenzy I began to think, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool to make a ragrug this way?" I would just need a really big loom and really big loops. For the loops I went to the thrift store and picked up approximately twenty 50 cent T-shirts.

Using my rotary cutter and mat I cut the t-shirts into 4 inch wide loops.

I sorted them according to color.

Then, they all had to be stretched out, in order to fit on my yet-to-be-built loom.

My siblings were very helpful with this. After an evening of cutting and stretching loops, I was all ready to weave my rug.

So, one night I volunteered to cook supper and my dad built a loom for me. 

Weaving the rug actually took much less time then expected! In one evening I had a rug done!

This was fun! So the next week, armed with more T-shirts, I made a second one. This time with a pretty plaid design.

Excited about how this was going I decided to make a third rug, only this time with a twist. I would weave this rug diagonally.

Unfortunantly my loom wasn't built to be used like this and the top bored split. EEK! Daddy to the rescue!

My dad reinforced the loom for me! Now, if only my goats will take a break from going into labor for several hours I can get this rug done! (then ask my dad to build me another, stronger, loom) 

Now, how many other ways can I weave a rag rug? Anyone have a bunch of old T-shirts to give me? Alright, back outside now to check on all my pregnant goats and new babies. Check back later this week for a full report on kidding season thus far!


  1. This is awesome!!!!! I obsessively stalk your blog because you make so much stuff and always manage to write about it. I'm really impressed by your creativity. I want to try this now!

  2. Thanks! I'm always thrilled to hear that people actually enjoy my blog! You should totally make a rug like this. It was actually way easier than I thought it would be, I'd love to see what you come up with!

  3. wow!! that's amazing!! Alyssa ( any more babies??)
    our friends who are keeping sumac for us

    1. What adorable babies! Yep, lots of babies, I'm now up to 14, 7 does and 7 bucks! Check out my latest blog post to see pictures of all of them, along with some highlights of kidding season thus far