Friday, July 15, 2016

Happy 4th (err. . .15th) of July!

Independence Day, the celebration of the founding of our country. The celebration of our freedom. Family, Friends, Food, and Fireworks, what more could one ask for in a celebration? Nothing really, but red, white, and blue clothing is fun to wear for the occasion, and very fun to make!

The week before the 4th I came across a bandana shirt on Pinterest, and decided I had to attempt to make one. Well, one turned into two after I showed the pin to my mom and she liked it too. Then two turned into three once I got to thinking and figured that red, white, and blue bandana shirts would be perfect for the Fourth, so my little sister needed one too.

Thus, after a busy weekend, I went to the sewing machine on the evening of the 3rd and set to work. These shirts went together ridiculously easy. For mine and my mom's I used a raglan shirt pattern and just lined the pattern pieces up as best I could on the bandanas.

I sewed the shirts together and finished the necklines with fold-over elastic. Less than an hour per shirt, I call that easy!

My sister's shirt was even easier. Two bandanas laid back to back, neck hole cut, shoulder seams sewn, side seams marked, based on a pattern the correct size, then sewn up (leaving armholes open of course!), fold-over elastic around the neck and the shirt was done! 15 minutes, that was it. I may have to make her a few more shirts like this!

The evening of the 4th friends came over for hamburgers, hotdogs, and fireworks, along with my personal favorite Independence Day dessert to make, American flag fruit pizza!

It's always fun having friends over who like to take pictures. Look at these fabulous sparkler pictures my friend Erentry's parents took!

 My dad brought out the blowtorch (best way to light sparklers), those of us who wanted to grabbed sparklers, and the audience on the deck gave instructions so that these pictures could happen!

Good friends and freedom, it was a fun night! Happy belated Independence Day!


  1. The shirts look amazing. The pattern in the photo which one is it? As the numbers are unclear in the photo.