Thursday, January 9, 2020

Going Back to Uganda!

I'm heading back to Uganda today. After 5 years of international mission trips, this is the first time I've actually gotten to return to a place, and I am very much looking forward to spending more time with the people I met and worked with on my short trip back in September.

I'm working with Eleos Ministries, and we've got a team of 8 people flying to Uganda this week. Back in September I went to meet the people we'll be working with there, see the school we support, and lay a little bit of ground work for a program near and dear to my heart.

A goat program! After 8 years of praying and looking into different opportunities when it comes to goats and missions, I finally get to help start a goat program which will benefit women and children in poverty. 

On my short trip in September, I met with local goat producers and asked questions specifically about raising goats in Uganda and learned how animal management there differs from my animal management at home. On this trip, we're actually starting the program!

We're starting small, with only a few goats based at the elementary school we support, but it will grow over time! You can read a bit more on the Eleos Ministries website here.

Eleos got involved in Uganda in 2017 with a letter writing mentorship program. In September I was able to meet many of the children currently enrolled in the program, and many others who will be part of the program once we have more mentors.

On this trip we will be working to improve the program and connect with each child currently in the program and on the waiting list. More information on the mentorship program can be found here.

By working with a local pastor, local church, and local schools, our goal is to support the ministry already happening in this region of Uganda, not to try to come in and "fix" things. I'm very excited about the things already happening here and I can't wait to see how God will grow it in the future!

For further information you can check out the "Love Uganda" page on the Eleos website and the Eleos Facebook page which will be updated while we're in Uganda over the next two weeks.

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  1. What an amazing opportunity for you to serve God and the people of Uganda! I hope you have a trip filled with God's Love and adventures! I guess I will see you when you get back :D
    Abigail Joy