Friday, January 24, 2020

Uganda - What We Did

We got goats!!

Starting a goat program was one of our primary goals for this trip to Uganda, and I am pleased to report that by the time we left there was a brand new goat shelter at the school with 6 goats living in it - 5 does and one buck.

I was introduced to the buck, Zeus, the very day we arrived in Uganda, and by the end of the week we were thrilled to have raised enough money to purchase him and his 5 lady friends.

Two of the does are already pregnant, and the other three will be bred in the next couple months.

The female kids will be given out to members of the community in need. The goats will be given out pregnant. Once they kid, the first 2 doe kids will be given back to the program to be given out to other families. Whenever the does need to be bred they can be brought back to the school and bred to our buck.

The goats were an ongoing project throughout the week we were there. Plans were made Sunday and Monday. Tuesday materials arrived for the goat shelter. By Friday the shelter was done and goats were in it!

Meanwhile, while local men built the goat shelter, and the  goats to buy were located, our team was busy meeting all the kids in the mentorship program, and interviewing all the kids who want to be in the program.

We arrived in Uganda late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. On Sunday we went to church and met the community we would be working with.

On Monday the ladies showed us the dresses and jewlery they made to sell, and we all bought some. I got a dress to take home to my sister. It fits her perfectly!

Currently my family is in Florida for a wedding, and my sister is getting lots of wear out of her new dress!
After shopping, we began interviewing kids for the program.

And we continued interviewing kids all day Tuesday.

Each child was given a piece of jackfruit to munch on while they talked with us, then our photographer took their picture and they were each allowed to pick a new article of clothing from things that had been donated. It was fun to see what appealed to each child!

In two days time we interviewed nearly 400 kids - and learned to allow more time for interviews next time we do this!

On Wednesday we visited several of the mentored kids' homes and meet their families.

I was able to visit several of these families on my trip back in September - and it was great to get to see people again!

In September, I got to hold a one day old baby during a home visit.

And on this trip I got to see and hold that baby again! He's getting so big! (Baby pictured here held by my friend as I have no pictures of myself holding him.)

On Thursday we visited more families, and a couple more schools. Then on Friday we had a great big party at the main school we're working with.

The kids sang and danced. The goats were ceremoniously put in their new shelter. And everyone ate heartily!

On Saturday we visited a national park where we saw zebras, giraffes, warthogs, water buffalo, a couple hippos, some gazelles, and other animals. 

Sunday it was church again, and then, late Sunday night, we were flying home.

For our first time taking a team to Uganda, the trip went well. We look forward to returning in the future and continuing to build our relationships with the people we met on this trip.


  1. This boy is so happy about his yellow t-shirt. I think such a goat shelter would look great on my property. Will you go again soon?

  2. Quite a busy week! That is amazing y'all were able to get all of that done and it is so neat you were able to reconnect with people you met there before.
    That is such a neat ministry, I pray it has a positive impact.