Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Another Burnside Pinafore

 After making my Jo March inspired Burnside Bibs pinafore at the beginning of fall 2021, I decided it was about time I made the Burnside Bibs I’d been intending to make for years.

So I pulled out the mid to heavy weight cotton plaid I’d picked up at an antique mall and ear-marked for this purpose several years earlier.

I pre-washed my fabric, as one does.

And it came out of the dryer horribly wrinkled.

To be fair, this is what you can expect out of cotton, but I’d hoped since it was on the heavier side that it wouldn’t wrinkle quite this much.

I ironed the fabric and thought over my project plans.

Wrinkley pants legs didn’t sound fun. Pants legs are such a pain to attempt to iron! Skirts are way easier. So I decided I would use this fabric to make another Burnside Pinafore.

With the first pinafore I made I used the curved front bib and the “loose” waistband option.

This time I opted to use the straight front bib and more fitted waistband option. Because of the more fitted waistband this pinafore features a vintage metal zipper in the left side seam.

In addition I used the included front pocket pattern, rather than making up my own, and I made my straps twice as wide as the pattern recommended.

My first pinafore had a long gathered skirt. This one has a just below knee length gathered skirt with a ruffle at the bottom.

As I made this pinafore over a year ago I have no recollection of how long it took me to make, but it wasn’t too involved of a project atleast, I do know that.

The finished pinafore has been a welcome addition to my wardrobe, worn at least as much as the originally intended overalls would have been, if not more!

The plaid is rather neutral so it goes with a whole array of tops.

And now I get the fun of picking another fabric to make the Burnside Bibs overalls out of - preferably something that come out of the dryer a little less wrinkled!

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